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Why You Need a Solid Data Recovery Plan

Is your business prepared to effectively respond to mass data loss? Considering the safety of your business’s data may not be exciting, but it is necessary. We can guarantee that losing a large chunk of your company’s data, or worse, your clients’, even on a small scale, is not worth it. 

Having data backup systems is critical for every business. You need to have a data recovery strategy in place to ensure that your business can recuperate properly after disaster strikes. 

Why is Data Backup and Recovery so Important? 

Losing data can result in wasted labor, the demise of your customers’ trust, and more. Having the means to counter data loss, whether it occurs by accident or design, can be the difference between an hour of downtime or catastrophic impacts on your companyIn short, businesses need data recovery procedures in place for several reasons including: 

  • Being prepared for the unforeseen 
    • You never know when a server will crash
  • Giving your business a competitive advantage 
    • You can bounce back quicker than unprepared companies 
  • Keeping company and client information stored safely and properly 
    • Would you prefer a business that stores your data correctly or one that doesn’t? 
  • Obtaining some peace of mind 
    • You never have to worry about losing your data

Having backups in place and a means of recovering data can ensure you minimize your company’s downtime in the event of a data loss or breach.  


What Can Happen? 

Several events may necessitate the activation of your data recovery plan. Two of the most significant events are data losses and data breaches.  

Data Losses 

A data loss occurs whenever you lose access to your business’s data. A hard drive could suddenly fail because it is too old. Your rented servers might go dark because of a sudden storm a few hundred miles away. Data losses happen all the time. The only difference is that companies with a recovery plan can simply request data from their recovery experts to resume business activities with few interruptions.   

Data Breaches 

Data breaches can happen in many ways. From misplacing a flash drive to a hacker penetrating your systems, data breaches result in the total loss of privileged information.  

Data backups are important for a few reasons. For starters, a backup allows the business to potentially deny the information to hackers while maintaining it for its workers. Data breaches also allow you to have an untainted copy of the information to restore to the server or website. You can secure your data storage, reupload the data, and move on. 

Having a plan in place can reduce the impact of lost or stolen information.  

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Leave Recovery to the Experts 

Most businesses are not equipped to create meaningful and effective data recovery plans. For that reason, it is best to leave this practice to the experts.   

WheelHouse IT knows the best practices of data recovery. Utilizing our services is the simplest way to guarantee your data recovery plan is secure, accessible, and designed to suit your business’s needs.   

Data recovery may not be the most pressing strategy your business needs to focus on, but it is important, and having experts assisting you is a great way to ensure data recovery is successful if needed. 

Take the first step to safeguard your business by checking out our eBook below!



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