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router security

3 Ways you Can Boost your Router’s Security

Your wireless routers not only provide you with Wi-Fi but also give a lot of devices access to the rest of your network. So, securing your router is essential in protecting your personal and business data. Let’s take a look at a couple of
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Avoiding Downtime can Save you Serious Money

Operational downtime involves any situation where your team cannot perform their duties as expected due to technological malfunctions. This can be induced by losing power or an internet connection, IT errors like a frozen computer, or a non-responsive web browser. Downtime in business can
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credit card fraud

Tip of the Week: Secure Your Business’ Credit Card Transactions

As business owners, we often focus on credit card security for our customers and clients first and foremost. However, it should be equally as important to protect the business credit card that is used to make purchases for the company. Here are some tips
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