New Small Business Tax Deductions Under Section 179

A first step for businesses in preparing their small-business tax return is to review the year’s financing and purchases of new or used equipment for maximum depreciation write offs. Taking [...]

2019 HIPAA Compliance Made Easy

Since HITECH regulations were passed in the early 2010s, HIPAA and HITECH violations have been on the rise. Healthcare providers need to protect themselves from these violations. Thankfully, that [...]

Rethink Your Approach to CRM Integration

Though we talk about “digital transformation” incessantly these days, the truth is that it’s been going on for a long time, and the result can be a little bit messy. For years, managers and [...]

Check Out These 4 Android Shortcuts

Android devices might be highly customizable, but to get them to this point, there might be a sacrifice of user-friendliness. If you can figure out how to configure them properly, these devices [...]

Why a Chromebook Can Be a Great Investment

Chromebooks have provided businesses with a different option for their computing needs, if it fits with their practices. Here, we’ll explore the different factors that make Chromebooks a good [...]

What is Phishing and How Can I Avoid it?

Phishing is a popular scam in today’s digital world. Pronounced as “fishing,” this form of fraud is when a criminal targets their victim by email, telephone, or text message. [...]

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