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HIPAA Technical Safeguards

IT Security And HIPAA Technical Safeguards Does your healthcare organization need to be HIPAA Compliant? The HIPAA Cybersecurity and IT Security Services that are implemented by Wheelhouse IT can protect your practice from unnoticed threats. Protecting your practice from HIPAA violations is critical if
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Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliance

Is Microsoft Teams HIPAA Compliant In 2021? Microsoft Teams is HIPAA-compliant in terms of security, but HIPAA-covered businesses must engage in a business partner agreement with Microsoft that covers the Microsoft Teams platform before it may be used in conjunction with any ePHI. While
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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

HIPAA compliant cloud storage is more than just a buzzword for healthcare administrators. It’s an essential requirement in today’s digital world that businesses need to be aware of and prepared for if they’re going to succeed in the highly competitive industry.  The implementation of
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