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Compliance as a Service

Make sure your organization meets regulations

By teaming up with Wheelhouse IT for Compliance
You help your business avoid fines

Compliance as a Service

Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is a cloud service service level agreement (SLA) that specifies how Wheelhouse IT will help an organization meet its regulatory compliance mandates.

The goal of Compliance as a Service is to reduce an organization’s compliance burden by outsourcing compliance management tasks to a third-party that has the resources required to meet regulatory requirements in a more cost-effective manner. 

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Industries Affect by
Compliance Issues


Healthcare compliance is an essential component of every medical provider.


Education compliance protects the privacy of education information and records.


Government bodies have to conform to rules, such as a specification, policy, standard or law.


Financial compliance is the regulation and enforcement of the laws and rules in finance and the capital markets.


Retail compliance is the act of adhering to a retailer's specific requirements for vendor partners and financial requirements.


Manufacturing compliance comprises of technical, legal, and corporate requirements manufacturers must satisfy.

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Stay Compliant

Depending on its market, geography, and size, your organization might be required to comply with laws and regulations. They could require you to prove that you have processes in place for properly managing information in your organization. But they could also require you to prove that these plans are actually enforced.

Meeting compliance regulations is not easy, especially in the context of a digital workplace that employees can easily tailor to their needs. But if your organization is required to meet them, then you don’t have much choice and we could help you with it.

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