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BYOD Security

Enable employees to use their devices for work

When you partner with WheelHouse IT for BYOD Security
You Eliminate Security Risks

Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) Security

If your company allows employees to bring their own computing devices to the workplace whether they are smartphones, tablets, or laptops you need a BYOD security policy. Initially, employees used only company-issued devices in the workplace.

Today, smartphones and tablets have proliferated in the consumer market to the point that nearly every employee comes to work with their own internet-connected device. This means higher potential for an employee introducing security risks to your company.

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Why BYOD Security?

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of employees have accessed sensitive data from non-work-sanctioned devices

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of companies cannot wipe devices remotely

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of companies do not encrypt mobile devices

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of organizations dont include employee-owned devices in their backup plans

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BYOD Security Risks

Personal devices are more likely to be used to break into corporate networks, whether or not they are approved by IT, because they are less secured and more likely to contain security vulnerabilities compared to corporate devices.

Following are three of the most severe risks affecting BYOD devices:

  • Data Leakage and Loss
  • Device Infection
  • Mixing Personal and Business use

Security Measures for BYOD

Application Control: Some devices and operating systems provide control over the applications installed on a device.

Containerization: Containerization is a way to divide each part of a device into its own protected environment, each with a different password, security policies, applications and data.

Encrypting Data at Rest and in Transit: Encryption allows you to protect the content of sensitive files even in the worst case of device theft or compromise.

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