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Azure Management, Security & Backups

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Azure Management

Azure has many services and tools that work together to provide complete management. These services aren’t only for resources in Azure, but also in other clouds and on-premises.

Understanding the different tools and how they work together is the first step in designing a complete management environment.

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Areas Of Management


On-premises to Azure Cloud


Security management & Threat Protection


Backup & Disaster Recovery


App, Infrastructure, & Network Monitoring, Log Analytics & Diagnostics


Configuration, Update Management, Automation & Scripting


Policy Management & Cost Management


Azure Backups

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your data is to have a reliable backup infrastructure. But it’s just as important to ensure that your data is backed up in a secure fashion, and that your backups are protected at all times.

Azure Backup provides security to your backup environment – both when your data is in transit and at rest.

Security Features

Prevention: New authentication layer added for critical operations like Delete Backup Data, Change Passphrase. These operations now require Security PIN available only to users with valid Azure credentials. 

Alerting: Email notifications are sent for any critical operations that impact availability of backup data. These notifications enable users to detect attacks as soon as they occur.

Recovery: Azure backup retains deleted backup data for 14 days ensuring recovery using any old or recent recovery points. Also, minimum number of recovery points are always maintained such that there are always sufficient number of points to recover from.

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