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IT Services for the Construction Industry

With a deep understanding of the construction industry cultivated over 20 years of partnership with construction companies, WheelHouse IT delivers invaluable services and beneficial technologies tailored to enhance your operations without disruption.

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IT for construction

Construction technologies and practices are constantly evolving. The construction industry undergoes regular changes in regulations and procedures to improve efficiency and safety. Managing it all for construction professionals on the field can be daunting. It becomes crucial to leverage advanced technologies and embrace automation wherever possible. 

There are numerous opportunities to achieve this within the construction industry, but technology issues can also present challenges. This is where a managed IT services partner like WheelHouse IT can make a difference.

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Remote data access wherever you need it

Whether you are a project manager, engineer, or site supervisor, accessing crucial data remotely offers numerous advantages and boosts productivity. By empowering your team with access to remote data you get:

How we can benefit your business

Construction projects generate massive amounts of data from various sources. An MSP can help with storing, managing, and processing this data, using cloud-based solutions to ensure it’s always accessible from any location. This is particularly important for construction companies, which often have to operate from temporary, remote job sites.

MSPs can help integrate efficient project management software that can track and manage tasks, schedules, and resources. These tools can greatly enhance productivity and coordination between different teams and stakeholders.

Construction sites are often scattered across different locations. An MSP can provide remote access solutions, enabling employees to access necessary files and applications from any location. They can also implement mobile technology solutions, which are increasingly used in the field for data collection, communication, and real-time updates.

Construction companies hold sensitive data, including architectural plans, client details, and supplier contracts. An MSP can provide robust cybersecurity measures to protect this data from threats and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Construction companies rely heavily on expensive machinery and equipment. MSPs can help deploy IoT solutions for real-time tracking of these assets, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the risk of theft or misplacement.

Construction sites need reliable network connectivity for smooth operations. MSPs can ensure network installation, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting is taken care of, so construction firms can focus on their core business.

Regular updates and maintenance of software can be time-consuming. MSPs can handle this aspect, ensuring all systems are running the latest, most secure versions of their software.

MSPs offer round-the-clock IT support to resolve any tech-related issues swiftly, minimizing downtime.

In the event of a data breach, natural disaster, or other disruptive events, an MSP can help implement disaster recovery plans to protect data and maintain operations.

MSPs can guide construction companies in their digital transformation journey, helping them adopt new technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to improve design, planning, and construction processes.

Why Choose Managed IT Services?

If managing your business’s IT infrastructure distracts you from focusing on your business’s most important goals, consider outsourcing your IT services to WheelHouse IT. As a healthcare business operator or healthcare provider, many essential elements of your profession must be supported. Instead of tackling the impossible task of doing it all, trust your IT needs with our knowledgeable support team and focus your valuable time on what matters most. When lives may be in the balance, don’t let your need for healthcare IT solutions hamper your efforts. 

24/7 help desk support

One key advantage of partnering with WheelHouse IT for your complete IT solutions is round-the-clock assistance tailored to the construction industry. When working late shifts or facing critical project deadlines, the last thing you want is technology issues that need immediate support. We allocate a dedicated help desk pod to your construction business, equipped with a deep understanding of your industry's unique requirements, and available 24/7, all year round.

Consolidate costs

We understand the significance of cost optimization in the construction industry. As your technology partner, we are committed to streamlining expenses and leveraging our network of connections and strategic vendor partnerships to negotiate on your behalf, ensuring you secure the best prices for the essential services your construction business relies on. Whether it's a comprehensive cloud services package, robust cybersecurity tools, or even reliable website hosting, we proactively seek out the most advantageous deals to help reduce your costs and maximize your budget efficiency.

Spend predictably

Hidden and unexpected fees have become increasingly common in various industries, including the construction sector. These expenses can also extend to network operations and IT requirements. Budgeting for the traditional break-fix IT model can be challenging, causing unnecessary financial strain. However, with WheelHouse IT, we offer an alternative that suits the construction industry. You'll benefit from a straightforward and affordable flat rate, payable once a month. Our transparent pricing structure ensures no surprise expenses or hidden fees, allowing you to achieve cost savings and maintain financial stability for your construction business.

Increased productivity

Our commitment to quality service extends beyond the core elements of technology needs. Not only do we provide you with the IT solutions your business operations need to run at full steam, but we also offer access to our training library that will enable your office to use these solutions effectively. Our comprehensive and easily accessible training library empowers your team to source simple IT solutions independently and quickly, saving you from troubleshooting and training on more straightforward IT solutions.

Gain peace of mind

We aim to secure and support your IT infrastructure to give your construction team the peace of mind to focus on your clients and other construction demands, not your IT. In countless scenarios, it would be best to have quick and effective solutions for your IT needs. Whether it's comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, disaster recovery services, a cloud option, or anything in between, WheelHouse IT has you covered.

Why choose WheelHouse IT?

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WheelHouse IT is the leading managed IT service provider in South Florida. We provide technology infrastructure, IT services, collaborative cloud technologies, and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. We also offer 24/7 support and access to a uniquely WheelHouse IT-provided training library. At WheelHouse IT, we’re proud to have the fastest ticket-to-solution numbers in the industry, meaning we aim to solve your IT issues faster than any other IT service.

Dedicated help desk

There are only sometimes great times for IT issues to crop up. We know this and have created a system to address your IT needs quickly and efficiently. Here at Wheelhouse IT, you’ll be assigned your help desk pod that becomes an extension of your team. Unlike other managed service providers (MSPs), where you are tossed into an ocean of help desk service technicians, our innovative approaches allow us to provide excellent customer service.

20+ years of experience

Some things you have to learn from experience. Wheelhouse IT has provided small and medium-sized businesses in your industry with improved technologies, project management, server management, and enterprise-class managed IT support for over 20 years. We've been there, seen that, and found the solution. Please trust us with your IT needs so you can focus on your patient's and healthcare team's success.

Award winning service

At WheelHouse IT, we strive to provide excellent IT services to all our clients, including healthcare professionals. Technical issues can create chaos in any field, and we take pride in reducing the impact quickly and as soundlessly as possible. We try to be as subtle as possible. Still, we are grateful to have been recognized for our high level of service, recognized by many institutions such as the Inc 500 and MSP 501 for our accomplishments as a Managed IT Services Provider. When your business partners with WheelHouse IT, you receive award-winning healthcare IT services and solutions!

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