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Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

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Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

Next-gen endpoint protection is security able to effectively thwart high-velocity, high-volume, and multi-stage attacks targeting endpoint devices and data. The connection of endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Internet-of-things devices, and other wireless devices to corporate networks creates attack paths for security threats.

Originally, the term was used to differentiate between older, signature-based endpoint security solutions and those which used real-time detection methods enabled by the cloud, like AI and machine learning.

endpoint protection

Elements of Next-Gen Threat Detection

Automated detection and response (ADR) to stop threats and remediate systems automatically

Behavioral analysis to identify malicious files based on behavioral deviations or anomalies

Threat intelligence that processes data through ML and AI algorithms to determine whether a file or process is malicious

Ransomware protection to record file and system changes so systems can be restored to their pre-infected state in the event of a ransomware infection

Forensics capable of replaying attacks to help security teams better mitigate future breaches

Endpoint detection and response to continuously monitor systems and networks to mitigate advanced threats

How Next-Gen Endpoint Security Works





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