We Understand
HIPAA Compliance

If your business handles protected health information (PHI), then your business must adhere to HIPAA regulations to ensure your patient’s sensitive information is secure. WheelHouse IT has extensive experience working with healthcare business and we’re here to ensure your business stays HIPAA compliant!

Keeping Your Healthcare
Business Compliance

With 20 years of experience serving the healthcare industry in both Florida and New York, we have extensive experience and knowledge of HIPAA regulations. Here is how we ensure your Healthcare business stay compliant!

We establish a secure foundation

During the onboarding process, we perform a security risk assessment to identify and resolve any potential risk that would result in a HIPAA violation.

By uncovering and eliminating any potential risks we establish a secure foundation that will ensure all security measures are in place to keep your healthcare business compliant.


We keep you covered

When it comes to keeping your healthcare business HIPAA compliant security is the most important factor.

Here at WheelHouse IT, we provide the robust security solutions needed to keep your patients protected health information (PHI) protected and your business compliant.

We become your trusted HIPAA advisor

Not only do we proactively ensure your business has all the necessary measures in place to keep your business HIPAA compliant as you grow, but we’ll also be there to resolve any questions or concerns you might have.


Is Your Healthcare Business HIPAA Compliant?

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