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Train your team to be more productive while transforming your relationship with I.T.

WheelHouse IT now offers an eLearning library of to-the-point video lessons and migration resources that raise your employee productivity to new heights and drives adoption of software like no other training can!


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Office 2016

A self-service eLearning solution for Microsoft 365
to keep your knowledge workers up to speed and productive!

Boost Productivity

Improve your worker’s skills with the software they use every day. Imagine providing them with an expert to work by their side.

Drive Teams Adoption

All training videos are available from inside a native Teams application to maintain user focus without having to open new windows.

Reduce Helpdesk Calls

With full-text index searching the users can quickly find the training video they need to accomplish their task at hand.

Improve Skills Retention

Simple “how-to” instructions help learners retain more from each short lesson by applying their new skills immediately.

Enable Remote Learning

With a cloud-based Learning Platform and mobile friendly design, users can improve their skills from anywhere using any device.

Learn from Microsoft MVPs

Watch with confidence knowing all lessons have been created by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs.

Training for the modern workplace

Our streamlined training solution makes it simple for your team to stay ahead of your industry’s trends by making training easy and accessible. With our modern workplace training solution, your team will be able to…

  • Login with their Microsoft 365 credentials
  • Access training library from within Microsoft Teams
  • Watch training videos directly from within Microsoft Teams
  • Monitor their own progress and watch history

Additionally, employers can log in to their own custom training portal and upload company-specific training videos, this helps employers with…

  • New hire orientation (Onboarding)
  • Security and compliance
  • New product training
  • And much more…

Features and Benefits


Training for Success

Training-as-a-Service provides the tools needed for success to your entire team on-demand 24/7/365.


Save Time and Money

Fewer help desk requests lead to less wasted time, and a more productive team adds up to ROI that’s easy to see.


Empowering End Users

An intuitive, user-friendly learning portal that empowers users and rewards them for being proactive.


Track Your Team’s Progress

Organize users, assign training, review activity and run reports all from an easy-to-use Administrator Dashboard.


Software Migration Made Easy

Raise user productivity to new heights and drive adoption of new software faster than ever before.


Answers from Experts

Quickly find answers and implement new knowledge delivered by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs.

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