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Frequently asked questions

We’ve made a one page PDF that you can print and leave at your desk for a friendly reminder of how to gain help desk support. Click here to download. 

No, always leave your desktop on as this allows your support team to push patches and Antivirus versions throughout the night/weekend. Laptops can be turned off, however; updates and remote support will vary based on location and availability.

While it isn’t necessary on a daily basis, we recommend that you reboot your workstation at least once a week.

  • Windows patching occurs on Friday mornings, from 2 AM to 5:30 AM.
  • Mac OS X updates are not being pushed at this time.
  • Antivirus (Webroot) updates are pushed automatically.

If no one is logged in, the workstation will reboot normally.

If you’re logged in, the workstation will notify you that a reboot is pending via a message pop-up. You MUST choose to postpone the update (in 4-hour blocks). If you do not, the workstation will reboot after a short period of time.

Because workstation updates are extremely important, our policies are enforced to protect the organization.

Did you know?

WheelHouse IT also provides web design, web hosting, and digital marketing services.

Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting packages give you monthly maintenance and support with an SSL certificate, daily backup, and three layers of security.


Our Online Presence packages include Search Engine Optimization, local directory listings, backlinking, social media, blogging, press releases, and more!

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