Online Presence Management

Why does an IT company provide digital marketing services?

  • WheelHouse IT began as both a Managed Services and Web company.
  • Our CEO, seeing digital/internet marketing as a core strategy for growth, has never quit focus on it.
  • To this day we still have a handful of customers that subscribe to the web and digital marketing services of origin.
  • Now, since 2014, WheelHouse has rebranded that digital marketing product as OPM, Online Presence Management, and provides it as a product to our Managed Services clients.
  • This full fledged OPM product is performed in the same trusted, consistent, robust style as our MSP offerings.
  • Utilizating a combination of best practices, tried and true techniques, as
    well as partnerships, is what makes it a success.

What We Offer

Web Design

Utilizing the popular WordPress platform, WheelHouse IT designers can customize a high-end template of your choice and build you a website that has the right look and feel for your brand, and optimize it for mobile, tablet, and desktop computers.

Search Engine Optimization

Our on and off-page SEO increases the visibility of your website and business listings with organic, non-paid search engine results. Our optimization techniques – including local listing management, content marketing, and backlinking – help your business to rank higher in search results than your competitors.


Our copywriting staff write unique articles each week on topics relevant to your business and post them to your website’s blog. We then syndicate the article to your social media streams, effectively improving your social signaling and acquiring new traffic back to your site. This action creates potential leads and shows that your business has the knowledge to be an expert in your field.

Social Media

We will also schedule out other relevant links, postings, and information relative to your business throughout the week on your social media streams. This allows you to maintain an active presence on the internet, while allowing you to focus on running your business.

Strategy & Reporting

A dedicated account manager actively takes charge of your campaign. They are your point of contact for any questions and will send your reports on the success of your campaign. Each month you’ll receive analytics and reporting in your e-mail, where you can easily view your site traffic and keyword positions from your PC, tablet, or mobile device. Your account manager will show you how to read and understand the data and how we use it to make changes to our strategy each month.

If you’re interested in our OPM digital marketing product, we would love to learn more about your business.