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These complimentary videos and documents will help you get more from your technology.


Learn more about our company and the services that we offer in these short videos.

Who is WheelHouse IT and how are we different?

We explain what our company and culture are all about and how we stabilize, support, manage, and transform businesses using the latest technologies.

How do we onboard our new clients?

We explain how we completely transition a client’s technology from their old provider into the WheelHouse IT ecosystem in our onboarding process.

How do we implement Microsoft 365 solutions?

This video serves as a first-hand experience of how WheelHouse IT integrates Microsoft 365 and Microsoft’s Azure cloud into a clients’ daily routine.

Why do you need disaster recovery?

When disaster strikes, your business should be prepared. Hear from one of our clients, Tobin Properties, as they talk about WheelHouse IT’s role in the hours following Hurricane Irma.

Online training library introduction

View our training library introduction for a brief overview of the type of content and features that can make your employee’s learning experience both enjoyable and beneficial.

Broward college employer spotlight

If you’re looking for a career in IT, “Be ready to learn. If you’re passionate about computer science, this is the place; you’re going to get every aspect of IT.”

Microsoft Partner of the Year winner highlight

WheelHouse IT is proud to be Microsoft’s winner of the US SMB Greater Southeast Partner of the Year. CEO Gani Zebersky explains how we use Microsoft products to give our clients an edge.

What is phishing and what should I look for?

Our Client Services Manager Darin talks about a scamming technique known as phishing that has been the cause of many recent cybersecurity hacks.


These checklists will help you identify gaps in your technology and direct you on how to fill them.


Download guides, whitepapers, posters, tips, infographics, and more.


Watch recordings of past webinars, demos, and immersion classes.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is Here!

In the current fast-moving business world, staying competitive means embracing innovative technologies. Microsoft 365 Copilot is at the forefront of this transformation.

Cybersecurity Seminar

We go over the growth of cyber crime and how it affects businesses in terms of downtime, audits, and brand reputation. We review some of the industries most effected by cyber crime and the costs that come with it.

HIPAA Requirements Explained

Help your healthcare organization become more resilient to the cyber threats that endanger your highly sensitive PHI — and prepare for and successfully pass regulatory compliance audits.

Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams

By putting people at its center, the breadth and depth of Microsoft Teams are surfaced in natural, intuitive ways that enable people to be more productive.

Why Microsoft 365 and Teams?

More than just your favorite apps like Word and Excel, Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud designed for doing business. Bring together best-in-class productivity apps with cutting-edge online services, advanced device management, and intelligent security.​

Microsoft Teams Demo

Many organizations are quickly transitioning into remote worker and work-from-home businesses. This can be a significant change for businesses where people have traditionally met face-to-face in meeting rooms at the office.

Microsoft Teams and Tricks

Microsoft Technical Architect David Branscome shows us all some of the biggest changes to Microsoft Teams from 2020, as well as some tips and tricks for productivity and collaboration.

Protection in a World of Software as a Service

Protect against targeted phishing, business email scams, account takeovers, data compliance, data protection, and most importantly, how to solve these challenges in a new world of SaaS.


Check out season 1 of the In Your Wheelhouse Podcast below.

Microsoft's Transformation and Comeback

Todd Sweetser, Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft, talks about how Microsoft has transitioned from a boring corporate applications company to one of the most innovative tech companies today, and how their stock price has reflected it.

DDI Security - DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (IP Address Management)

We talk with Lee Cherry from Infoblox about building your infrastructure on a solid DDI foundation by securing your DNS, DHCP, and IP.

Hurricane Season Amidst a Global Pandemic

Juliet Roulhac is the director of Corporate and External Affairs at Florida Power and Light discussing what steps you should be taking to protect yourself and your business, including the special circumstances of 2020’s hurricane season in the middle of a global pandemic.

Changing the Lives of Disadvantaged Youths

Kirk and Jen from HANDY, a not-for-profit in Broward County, Florida, is helping over 1,200 youth ages nine-25, family members, and caregivers per year. Since 1985 HANDY has transformed the lives of over 50,000 of Broward’s children and family members.

Security and Compliance When Working From Home

Ilia Sotnikov, VP of Product Marketing at Netwrix, talks about what business leaders should be considering in our new normal of remote work and how you can ensure that your data and employees can maintain compliance and security measures no matter where they are working.

Meteorologist Bryan Norcross on Hurricane Preparation

The legendary Meteorologist Bryan Norcross, well known for his 23-hour marathon coverage during Hurricane Andrew, talks about some incredible stories and explains how you can best be prepared for the next major storm.

Preparing for a Hurricane with BGSA Law

Vince Gerbino of BGSA Law in Melville, Long Island, NY, talks about how his team worked with WheelHouse IT to get back up and running immediately and how we’ve taken steps to ensure they can continue to work when the next natural disaster strikes.

Changing Immigrant and Refugee Lives

Josie and Magaly are from Hispanic Unity of Florida, a not-for-profit organization that helps immigrants and others to become self-sufficient, productive, and civically engaged.

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