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Putting people first,
gets IT done.

Our core foundation

Understanding that if we put our people first, ultimately our clients will end up first. This is the core of our foundation at WheelHouse IT.

We combine the opportunities of a large company with the energy of a small company and we are consistently looking for those who are thinkers and doers.

Learn about our culture, values, benefits, and view our open positions below.

Our culture

Our culture is based on people who want to be around each other. 

We love working alongside our team members, who will challenge you during the day, and in the evening ask you to go for a drink.

Our values

The Power of Teamwork + Community = Unity

Embracing a strong culture built on community and unified vision to draw limitless power, scalability, and availability.


Giving our best every day to the system guarantees the system gets better every day.


Owning our responsibilities while embracing both failures and triumphs equally.


Overcoming challenges by remaining positive and seeing obstacles as an opportunity rather than an impossibility.


Inspiring our team to not only reject limitations but overcome them as well.


Nurturing respect, contribution, and benefits.


Extending our bond past geographical borders and backgrounds while allowing that bond to spill over into our clients.


Don't just be part of a company, be part of a movement!

Perks of the job

Embracing a strong culture built on community and unified vision to draw limitless power, scalability, and availability.

Training opportunities

We work closely with the colleges and universities in our area so we understand that most often students graduate with little to no work experience. 

This can be a difficult hurdle to overcome but we are here to help by offering training opportunities to help grow the new professionals joining the IT industry.

In fact, we prefer hiring those who join our team with an open mind and are ready and constantly looking to learn. We have hired many entry-level positions who have rose through the ranks of our team.

So if you are interested in growing with us, please review and apply for an open position below.

Current job openings

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