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Through outsourcing managed IT services, your business will be able to reap the benefits of receiving IT support at significantly reduced costs in comparison to creating a comparable team in-house. Additionally, We offer our wealth of experience acquired by actively managing multiple client accounts that in-house teams would not collectively have.

By partnering with WheelHouse IT you will able to forecast your monthly, quarterly, and yearly expenditure on IT, and are freed from having to focus on this area of operational readiness. This allows you to focus on growing your business without worrying about day-to-day IT issues or requirements.

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services


We work with standards such as PCI compliance day in, day out, and can help steer your organization within the parameters and regulations it needs to adhere to. This is especially important if your business is within the finance, healthcare, education, or other industries, where this type of regulatory compliance is required of the IT portion of your business, and requires the expertise and experience that you may not find with an in-house team. We can help mitigate risk in this way while assuring that our experts in charge of your IT operations are always up to date on the latest information, technologies and processes will keep your infrastructure working efficiently and successfully into the future.


WheelHouse IT has been a pioneer of Managed IT Services since we were calling it flat fee IT support in the early 2000’s. It represents the common goal and partnership between us and our clients.

Our skills, tribal knowledge and best of breed filtering through trial, error and company acquisition has created a unique approach to Managed Services that has proven extremely effective.

Find out why we are ranked 127th in the world in the Managed Services industry ranked by MSPmentor.

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services


Here at WheelHouse IT we utilize our broad range of IT expertise to resolve issues efficiently. Unlike break/fix providers, we can employ the latest processes and software to proactively monitor endpoints, keeping systems up-to-date and preventing issues before they arise. Additionally, we are available 24x7x365, allowing your team to take nights and weekends off while we do the heavy lifting on tasks and processes done after hours.

We offer a flat recurring rate in tiered levels. You will only pay for the services you require, and can increase or decrease your tier based on your business needs and demands.

What’s Included

Our managed IT plans go beyond just helpdesk support, including but not limited to the following services and solutions…

Live Help Desk Support

We will assign your business its own helpdesk pod that becomes an extension of your team that understands your business’s unique needs and is available 24/7 to resolve any IT issues you or your team may encounter.

Security & Compliance

Our end-to-end cybersecurity and compliance services will give you peace of mind, knowing that your business’s IT is secure and compliant.

Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery solution in place is key to any business’s continuity plan. We not only ensure your business’s IT is protected, but we also prioritize minimizing downtime after a disaster.

Onsite Tech Placement

It may not make sense for your business to hire a fulltime IT employee if your business’s needs don’t fully warrant it, which is why we provide professional onsite IT support for when you need someone onsite.


Your network’s firewall is the first line of defense against modern cybersecurity threats, which is why we offer firewall-as-a-service and firewall management to keep your businesses protected.

Cloud Services

Whether you’re looking for a private, public, or hybrid cloud solution, your business will benefit from the expertise we’ve acquired by providing cloud services to businesses for over 10 years.

Microsoft Solutions

Explore the world of cloud productivity development and learn how Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure solutions can help you transform your business.

Managed Cloud Environment

Our managed cloud environment provides 24/7 monitoring of resources, extensive backups and disaster recovery, and end-user support through or helpdesk team.

Workstation as a Service

With Workstation as a Service, all your hardware and software workstations are covered for all repair costs fora predictable monthly expense instead of lump-sum expenses to replace all your workstations.

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