WheelHouse IT has been providing Cloud Managed Services to the SMB community for over 10 years.

WheelHouse IT offers a range of Cloud Managed Services including but not limited to:

  • Virtual Server and Network Infrastructure
  • Remote Desktop Computing
  • Application Hosting
  • Email and Collaboration Solutions

Whether a public, private or hybrid cloud solution is desired, each of our customers benefit from the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over the years included in every Managed Cloud Solution we provide.

Every Managed Cloud Solution provided by WheelHouse IT also benefits from the following features:



The ability to access your resources from anywhere at anytime.



The ability to easily add or remove features and resources as your business changes, only paying for what your business needs at any given time.



Peace of mind that no matter what is happening where you are, your business critical applications are always available and online.

In addition to providing the Cloud Hosted Resources for your business, WheelHouse IT also provides the following peace of mind as part of our Managed Solution:

  • Monitoring of the resources 24/7 & Real Time Updates through our NOC team
  • Application and End User Support through our Help Desk team
  • Custom Security and Compliance services through our SOC team
  • Extensive and Robust Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions