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Security and compliance

Our end-to-end cybersecurity and compliance services will give you peace of mind.

When you partner with WheelHouse IT for security and compliance
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Security as a Service

Harmful agents are more likely to target soft targets like small and medium-sized businesses so keep your business and clients protected with our end-to-end security services.


Your network's firewall is the first line of defense against modern cybersecurity threats, which is why we offer firewall-as-a-service and firewall management to keep your businesses protected.

Vulnerability Testing

Our ongoing vulnerability scanning will regularly scan your IT infrastructure for weaknesses. If a vulnerability is detected, our team will swiftly resolve the issue keeping your business's IT bulletproof


Our email security solutions will keep your business-sensitive communications protected.

HIPAA Compliance

Our security and compliance certified staff will become your trusted advisors ensuring your business's IT adheres to compliance regulations (HIPAA, GDR, PCI, etc...).

Network Security

Our network security solutions will help prevent malicious attacks from hacking to spamming to help keep your business and it's data protected.

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent your data from being leaked or lost with our robust data loss prevention solutions that will keep your data protected even when it's in motion.

Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery solution in place is key to any business's continuity plan. We not only ensure your business's IT is protected, but we also prioritize minimizing downtime after a disaster.

Web Security

The Internet is an invaluable channel for exchanging information. However, the internet also poses a risk of intrusion or fraud. Our web security solutions will keep your business protected from the threats of the world wide web.

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