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WheelHouse IT is dedicated to regularly providing you with up-to-date resources
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The WheelHouse IT Storm Resource Center exists to help you find relevant, complimentary content to read, watch, and share. This page features assets and information about disaster planning, preparation, and communication, as well as WheelHouse IT’s response to storms threatening South Florida.

Storm Resources and Status History

What’s The Biggest Hurricane Risk?

The biggest hurricane risk is not thinking a disaster can strike your business.

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Hurricane Preparation Checklist

Use this checklist to prepare and protect your business during hurricane season.

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The Top 11 Tips for Working Remotely

Strategies for staying productive while working from home or a remote location.

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Storm Resources and Status History

Hurricane Warning Business Tips

Prepare your organization for a storm when warnings are issued for your area.

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Storm Resources and Status History

Discussion with the NHC

Learn what is predicted for 2020 and how to prepare your business.

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Hurricane Communication Templates

Prepare your organization with proactive communication when a storm is coming.

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Storm Resources and Status History

Emergency Contact Numbers

A comprehensive list of state and local government contact information, and more.

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Last Updated: The 2021 Hurricane Season Updates will be Below

Real-Time Storm Response Updates

Currently, there are no threats to our coverage area. Should a storm threaten our area, you can follow WheelHouse IT’s response here. Be sure that you are prepared for the 2021 Hurricane Season by leveraging the resources above.

General Hurricane Season Updates

As we get closer to the 2021 Hurricane Season, our team will begin to post general updates here. As always, you are invited to be prepared year-round by leveraging our resources above or by giving our team a call at 877.771.2384.

Storm Resources and Status History

Post Storm Survey

After a storm has passed through, you can use this form to quickly inform your support team on the status of your business.

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