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Windows 10

Windows 10

5 distinct courses that guide you from a first look on through to advanced technical features.

Windows 10 Course Curriculum

Here’s an overview of the lessons included in our Windows 10 eTraining library.

What's New in Windows 10

Windows 10 Essentials

Windows 10 Foundations

More Microsoft OS Courses

Windows 10 Power Users

25 Lessons – 1h 34m

Windows 10 Administration

25 Lessons – 1h 27m

Microsoft Surface

14 Lessons – 56m

Windows 10 Creators Update

22 Lessons – 57m

Windows 10 Fall Update

18 Lessons – 45m

Windows 7

75 Lessons – 4h 55m

Windows 7 for Admins

20 Lessons – 1h 17m

Windows 8 Essentials

50 Lessons – 2h 18m

Windows 8 for Power Users

50 Lessons – 2h 6m

Windows 8.1

25 Lessons – 1h 2m

Windows XP

50 Lessons – 2h 3m

Windows Vista

102 Lessons – 5h 48m

Tricks of the Vista Masters

16 Lessons – 55m

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With our modern workplace training solution, your team can:

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Features and Benefits

training benefits
training features

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