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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

As your IT partner it is our top priority to make sure your data and systems are safe and secure both on-premise and off-site.

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Disaster recovery gives you a plan of action

We will help create you create a detailed plan for Disaster Recovery so that any action of intervention in case of emergency will be planned previously allowing for a short restoration, controlled in all its stages.

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Disaster recovery limits and reduces losses

By reducing restore times of your business’s IT infrastructure, you also reduce the losses not only in terms of revenue, but also costs for possible damage caused by downtime and management or technical assistance expenditure.

Keep your clients satisfied

Downtimes caused by unexpected incidents seriously threaten your business’s reputation. A short recovery avoids compromising your business strength allowing you to continure providing services to your clients keeping them satisfied.

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No impact on performance

By replicating your business’s infrastructure using our Disaster Recovery as a Service solution you ensure there is little to no impact on your business’s performance because your systems will remain online in the event of a disaster.

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