At WheelHouse IT we take disaster recovery very seriously with all of our clients.

Disaster recovery is a key part of any business continuity plan and as our client’s IT partner it is our top priority to make sure client data and systems are safe and secure both on-premise and off-site.

We understand that having a fail safe which allows your business to come back online in minutes versus days speaks volumes and represents the ultimate in peace of mind and continuity for your business operations.

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Through a combination of disaster recovery services and our ability to bring clients online in the cloud, our solutions are second to none.

– Gani Zebersky, CEO

If your current IT provider doesn’t have the time to make sure your business is covered then we strongly recommend you consider an alternative provider that takes this as seriously as we do.

At WheelHouse IT we are extremely familiar with threats be it hurricanes, malware/ransomware, system failures, or other unforeseen calamities. Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Disaster Recovery ebook here.

Disaster Recovery by Location:

Disaster recovery at Wheelhouse is the quintessential solution to mitigate the risk to your data.  Let us show you how your business continuity should be treated.

Disaster Recovery eBook