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Tip of the Week: Improve Your Mobile Data Management

Data accessibility has never been easier for you and your workforce, but how do you know if this convenience isn’t also benefiting cyber criminals? Your mobile device contains a vast amount of sensitive information and files that must be kept secure. This presents the need for a secure mobile data management system, which in the tech world is called Mobile Information Management, or MIM.

Mobile Information Management – How Does It Work?

Mobile Information Management keeps sensitive data encrypted. Encryption doesn’t discriminate which mobile platform a user is on. By allowing only approved applications to access information, MIM has proven its value amongst the mobile-equipped workforce.

Cyber security is not something in which the budget should be cut. Also, the risks of poor security measures should not be taken lightly either. MIM benefits businesses of all sizes by securing endpoints and keeping sensitive data only visible to those who it was originally intended to be visible.

Endpoint security plays a critical role in business data exchange. Data interception can result in a devastating outcome if the cybercriminal is experienced. Additionally, the most dangerous cyber criminals know how to maximize profits and deliver the hardest blow with the wrongfully acquired data.

Here Are a Few Ways to Enhance Mobile Security!

Mobile data exchange can easily be secured by practicing simple yet effective security tips. These are just a few of the ways to distance yourself from an ill-willed cyber criminal:

  • Backup can get your business back up and running – Mobile data is constantly being targeted due to mobile information security being more of an afterthought than a priority. The circumstances in which this is accomplished always change as cybercriminals develop more devastating attacks. There are phishing attacks, ransomware, and many more ways your data can be hacked or compromised. Backing up your data regularly keeps your business up and running if cyber-criminals lock your devices while trying to collect data.
  • MIM & MDM Duality – Mobile device management (MDM) controls which data can be viewed, copied, or moved on mobile devices. Limiting capabilities might seem a bit cruel, but it is necessary to secure data. Why should employees who would never need to venture into certain databases have the required access to do so? MDM also allows you to monitor your staff as they use or exchange mobile data.
  • Audit Your Mobile Security – How secure is your data? Finding out the effectiveness of your business’s security is better done through an audit rather than falling victim to a data breach.

Today’s workforce constantly needs to send or receive data. Don’t let the convenience of mobile data exchange ruin your business. Furthermore, mobile information doesn’t need to be difficult to secure, it just requires expertise in the field.

Our experts at WheelHouse IT are prepared to help implement business-saving software and security measures. Call us at (877) 771-2384 today.

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