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Tech Terminology: Uptime

Downtime avoidance isn’t exactly an art, but organizations that do it best often find themselves in much better positions than competitors that deal with more downtime. Consequently, they deal with the expense of it, the lack of productivity that comes from it, and the multitude of ways where they can avoid it. Uptime is the name of the game, and today, we’re going to talk a little bit about how we like to remove downtime from the scenario.

The Anti-Downtime

Uptime is the goal. All this hand-wringing about downtime is all to keep your business’ technology working for your staff. At WheelHouse IT, we look at it as risk avoidance. If your systems are up and running as intended, there is very little risk that whatever your business does, it can do. That’s not to say that it will be successful from more uptime, but it sure can’t hurt.

Your average business has a fairly complex IT infrastructure. As it has a lot of different machines connected together to allow for maximum effectiveness. Servers, workstations, networking equipment, printers and copiers, and other pieces of technology. Each of these pieces of technology has a chance to cause operational downtime. In fact, a faulty keyboard or mouse is enough to keep some people from being productive. Uptime is a metric calculated to correspond with productivity, but really it is the story of maintenance.

At WheelHouse IT, we work hard to maximize uptime. We use state-of-the-art tools to monitor, manage, and maintain each piece of our client’s infrastructure for one purpose, to promote a work environment that has optimal uptime. Downtime can come from almost anywhere. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize the creation of information systems that are easy to maintain. Consequently, in the IT world, uptime is the goal, as it gives the end user the best chance at achieving success.

How We Can Help Build Uptime

Our business is based on the uptime/downtime paradigm shifting dramatically in our client’s favor. We try to accomplish this in several ways. These include:

  • Hardware procurement – Offering clients hardware options to meet their operational and security needs.
  • Professional installation – We will ensure that all tools are professionally installed to give your organization the best chance to succeed.
  • Bulletproof networking – Networking is a huge part of the modern workplace. We set up all wired and wireless network connections, routers, switches, and all other network-related equipment to the highest standards. This ensures that data flow and network access are optimally set up and maintained.
  • Remote monitoring – To maximize uptime of information systems, individuals have to make proactive efforts. We remotely monitor and maintain all network-attached machines, eliminating any significant downtime in the process.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Proven research shows that maintaining a redundant and actively available data backup reduces downtime in the face of a data loss scenario.
  • Help Desk – If end users have problems with their individual workstations, our comprehensive help desk service is a great resource to resolve problems and reduce downtime.

To talk to our expert consultants about how we can help you get control over your IT. Additionally, help you work to reduce or eliminate downtime you have to deal with. Give us a call today at (877) 771-2384.

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