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How To Protect Your Data & Electronics From Power Surges

Almost anything that uses electricity to operate can be fairly easily replaced in the event damage occurs from a power surge. Although regrettable, the extent of the damage is essentially physical.

However, with computer equipment there is the added component of your business’s vital data passing through to other components by electrical signals. If a power surge should occur, not only is your computer hardware subject to complete failure along with any data it stores, the complete transfer of data from one device to another can fail as well.


Of course, the classic reason for a power surge is due to a nearby lightning strike. A lightning strike does not have to be a direct hit in order for a power surge to occur.

Other components in a corporate building such as pumps, air-conditioning units, elevators, compressors, and the like can also cause power surges. Typically these types of events tend to degrade (computer) equipment over time, rather than destroying it instantly. However, just because the damage is gradual, doesn’t mean it can’t cause issues. Degraded equipment make device communication difficult, causes data drops, etc.

Lastly, sometimes a power surge can occur from an issue going on at the local electrical power station or with the power lines they are responsible for.


There are many things a business can do to protect their computer hardware and software from damage caused by power surges. Some of the basic steps are:

  • installing surge protection at the point where external power comes into buildings that contain computer equipment
  • adding surge protectors to individual components such as desktop PCs, coaxial cables, phone lines, internet cables, etc

Of course, it is very important to use a qualified licensed electrician to perform any type of electrical work. A good electrician will make sure everything is properly grounded, they’ll provide plenty of clearance for voltage lines, and they will ensure systems are designed and installed in such a way as to minimize power disruptions.

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