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Cyber Security Tip Of The Day: Don’t Put Off That Update

It can feel like every program wants an update installed and wants it installed right now. The temptation is always there: Hit “Remind Me Later” and hope it goes away forever. However, software updates usually aren’t intended to annoy or stop work in progress. Many software updates are designed to patch security holes and prevent annoying bugs giving hackers access to your data.

For operating systems in particular, keeping patched is one of the easiest ways to protect your company’s hardware and users from malicious software and attacks. Hackers are at work every day trying to find a way into your operating system and sometimes even the patches need patches to keep systems running smoothly. 

Using an Apple system seems like an easy way around those annoying patch days, but MacOS can have catastrophic security bugs that need operating system-level fixes. Many exploits and hacks use previously discovered holes in software and even hacking dummies know how to look for them

Maybe you’re using a Linux or Unix system and think that’ll serve as protection. Unfortunately, Arch Linux just discovered malicious software in its repositories and before that, it was Ubuntu Linux. Every computer that touches the internet is vulnerable, no matter its operating system or the software it’s running.

Beyond that, many of your routers and other network devices may be vulnerable and may not notify you the way Windows will. Check your router manufacturer’s website weekly to see if there’s new firmware, then schedule some downtime to get it installed, tested, and running. It usually doesn’t cost anything and it’s one of the best ways to make sure your network stays secure.

Just remember to get your users to save everything before running any updates since lost work can be a big mess even if you had the best of intentions.

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