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Cloud Hardware is More Popular Than Ever. Here’s Why.

Each business uses a certain amount of technology to get things done, but today, no technology is as essential to businesses as the Internet. You’ve begun to see businesses of all sizes spending thousands of dollars a month on Software-as-a-Service platforms designed to get workers the tools they need without placing undue pressure on a company’s capital budget. Today, we will talk about cloud hardware and another cloud-based platform proliferating: Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

What is Infrastructure-as-a-Service?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is where companies effectively lease processing and storage in the cloud using cloud hardware. Traditionally, organizations that needed computing would need to purchase and maintain servers, but today they can look to the cloud for all their computing needs. The virtualized processing and storage market in the cloud is growing rapidly and now sits at over $100 billion.

For years, companies could use cloud computing by purchasing a hosted desktop. This solution would host all of the software a company needs on a server in a data center, and through a dashboard, users could sign in and use the programs. Over the years, application development has gotten more sophisticated, and massive investments by some of the world’s largest companies have produced services that allow organizations to set up their computing infrastructure any way they see fit in the cloud. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are leading the charge, delivering companies with services that span the gamut of modern computing.

IaaS delivers on-demand computing resources that a company needs without massive upfront costs and the waste that many enterprise computing infrastructures usually have. Businesses can acquire precisely the amount of computing they need and do so while enjoying the following benefits:

  1. Superior performance – Your business’ IaaS platform is managed and maintained by the service provider, typically having all the tools needed to keep systems up and secure.
  2. Robust security has been a question mark for many years, but today, cloud providers invest heavily in security.
  3. Enhanced flexibility – Companies have access to basically unlimited computing resources, and it provides a lot of flexibility and scalability.
  4. Built-in redundancy – Hosted infrastructure has built-in redundancy, disaster recovery, and continuity options.
  5. Consistent Pricing – Companies looking to move to IaaS usually do so to avoid colossal upfront and maintenance costs. While IaaS isn’t the constant price that Software-as-a-Service options provide, IaaS has a pretty transparent pricing structure and gives businesses that know their underlying traffic the means to predict their computing costs successfully.

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