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WheelHouse IT prepares for the 2024 hurricane season with storm drill


WheelHouse IT Enhances 2024 Hurricane Preparedness with Comprehensive Storm Drill

Fort Lauderdale, FL — May 21, 2024 — WheelHouse IT, a leading provider of IT services, recently conducted a week-long hurricane preparedness exercise to ensure the highest level of readiness for the 2024 hurricane season. This extensive internal drill involved a simulated Category 4 hurricane making landfall in Florida. Thus testing the company’s restoration efforts, operations, logistics, communications, and customer service responses.

The exercise underscored WheelHouse IT’s commitment to maintaining continuous service for its clients even under extreme weather conditions. The internal test allowed the company to refine its response strategies. Additionally, we ensure that all team members are prepared to handle the challenges posed by hurricanes.

“Our team’s dedication to preparedness is a key factor in our ability to provide uninterrupted service to our clients, no matter the circumstances,” said Gani Zebersky, CEO of WheelHouse IT. “These drills are essential for ensuring that we can respond quickly and effectively during hurricane season.”

WheelHouse IT Generator for Hurricane Season WheelHouse IT’s robust preparation strategies include maintaining support systems in secure inland data centers, equipping team members with wireless hotspots for remote work, and securing multiple locations to ensure uninterrupted support. The Fort Lauderdale headquarters is fortified with a 60,000 KW generator and resilient infrastructure to withstand severe storms.

“Being prepared is not just about having a plan. It’s about testing and refining that plan to ensure we can execute it flawlessly when needed,” stated Adam Kaplan, President of WheelHouse IT. “Our recent drill has strengthened our confidence in our ability to support our clients through any storm.”

WheelHouse IT encourages customers to prepare for the hurricane season by visiting their Storm Center at for checklists and resources. For official storm guidance, customers should follow the National Hurricane Center at

About WheelHouse IT:

WheelHouse IT provides comprehensive IT services, specializing in business continuity, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity. With a strong presence in multiple states, WheelHouse IT is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to businesses nationwide.

For more information, please contact: Rory Cooksey
WheelHouse IT
Email: [email protected]

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