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What to Expect When Your Microsoft Office 365 Expires

Deactivation in steps

If you decide to cancel your subscription with Microsoft Office 365 your account will deactivate in stages. If you decide that you wish to continue your subscription, you will have 30 days before only admin is able to access the program.

It costs Microsoft more to create new subscriptions than it does to maintain current subscriptions. They have implemented a process to help customers have the ability to change their mind before total loss of access and data on their Office 365 subscription.

Stage 1: First 30 days after cancellation or expiration

In the first 30 days after you have hit the end of your subscription, you will still be able to access all of your files and date. In this stage of the process, your account will be labeled as “Expired”. You will also still be able to download new programs. Within these 30 days, the customer will have the ability to renew their subscription in order to continue the use of the program and all of its features.

Stage 2: After the first 30 days of cancellation or expiration

After the month is over and you still have not renewed your subscription with Microsoft your account will be labeled as “Disabled”. At this point, the only users that will have access to the program and data are the administrators. They will still be able to back up the data from the Microsoft server and will only have access to the admin portal.

The rest of the company will no longer be able to have access to the program. Any features that were accessed through Office 365 will no longer be accessible. This will greatly limit what your employees will be able to do as this will also block them out of their email.

Stage 3: 120 days after cancellation or expiration

This stage is called deprovisioned. Once your account has reached this stage, everyone will be completely blocked out and in order to continue with Microsoft Office 365, you will have to start a new subscription. Microsoft will also start deleting any files that you have on their servers. If you wish to speed this process along you are able to go through a process called expedited deprovisioning.

Help with keeping up with your Microsoft Office 365

Wheelhouse IT offers a number of services that will help you to manage your Microsoft Office 365 as well as other programs for your business. Contact Wheelhouse IT for more information on how they can help you manage your IT in your business.


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