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Security Best Practices

When people hear the term “cybersecurity,” they automatically correlate it to something complex and challenging to understand. Due to this, often, people choose to ignore recommendations to keep their information secure. Fortunately, basic security practices are easy to follow and should be utilized by everyone.

Implement Antivirus Software and Keep It Updated

The best type of cyber threat is one you never have to worry about since it will never make it far enough to damage you or your organization. You can keep your company protected by implementing security tools such as antivirus software and firewalls and keeping them updated. These tools are there to recognize and identify the latest threats, all while working in the background, so it never gets in the way of daily business operations. 

Always Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection over the internet from a device to a network. This encrypted connection helps ensure that data is kept secure, preventing unauthorized people from accessing this information. It is commonly used with employees who work from home. Many people are unaware that utilizing the free Wi-Fi at a Starbucks or McDonald’s is insecure. Unauthorized users can easily hack into your computer and view private information. If there is no other choice than to use the free Wi-Fi, you should always connect to your company’s VPN to keep information secure from those people who attempt to steal pertinent data.

Always Use Passwords and Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for more Security

Having a password is possibly the most basic security measure one can have in place. Each and every login you have should have its own unique password. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method that gives users access to a website, application, or VPN after entering additional requirements during the login process. Using multiple verification factors enhances security by decreasing the likelihood of a cybersecurity attack.

Do NOT Save Passwords in Your Browser or on a Sticky Note!

As previously mentioned, every login should have its own unique password. This can be pretty challenging for the average person to remember all passwords, especially if following that rule. Many people write passwords on sticky notes and stick them onto their monitors. This is highly not recommended for obvious reasons. Most browsers will offer to save passwords, but this practice is also discouraged as it is not the most secure option available. It is recommended that users utilize a password manager or vault, an encrypted software that will generate strong passwords and safely store all of them, making it difficult for others to hack. 

Understand How to Avoid Phishing and Other Scams

Hopefully, by now, people know what phishing scams are, but a select few still fall for these hoaxes. Phishing involves tricking an individual into revealing personal information like a credit card or social security number. Clickbait involves the user “clicking” the URL website provided and will automatically introduce malware to infect the device. It is crucial to identify when an email or text message seems off. Always check to see who the email was sent from or who appears to have sent the email. If you believe that you received a phishing or clickbait email, report it to your IT department immediately. 

We Can Help with your Security!

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