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Microsoft Teams Vs. Zoom

A little more than a year ago the workplace changed forever because of Covid-19. The workforce quickly adapted to working from home, and online collaboration became a crucial part of every businessZoom quickly became a household name, and Businesses and schools began using Zoom to conduct meetings, classes, and seminars. But, is it the best tool out there when it comes to collaboration, video conferencing, and chat? From its popularity, over the past year, people may say yes, but Microsoft Teams may have the upper hand on all fronts. We will discuss the use of Microsoft Teams vs Zoom in the workplace.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams 

Teams is a collaboration tool that is included with Microsoft 365. Some of the tools offered in the platform are:  

  • File sharing – Offices files like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc. are capable of being shared with colleagues and can be co-authored and edited in real time.  
  • Video Conferencing – Online meetings is the best alternative to having face-to-face meetings. Teams also ensures security preventing hackers to “bomb meeting” and hijacking remote control of screens. 
  • Office Chat – This allows for colleagues to communicate with one another in a quick and less formal manner than sending an email. Shortening delays in solving problems. 
  • Cloud Storage – This allows a team to store a document or project in a place where authorized personnel can access these properties from anywhere – allowing teams to work remotely. 

Why Zoom doesn’t measure up

Zoom is a modern-day enterprise video communications platform. The app has similar capabilities as Teams, but is a less streamlined in terms of collaboration. You will need added third-party tools to fully equip your team. The management of multiple apps can disrupt workflows and take a toll on productivity. Moreover, in the Zoom platform there is an absence of security, there are not any features to prevent data loss or stopping users from opening malicious files 

In the virtual workplace that we have adapted into, the need for online collaboration and security should be top priority to all businesses. These are essential tools to succeed whether employees are working in the office, or remotely from home.  

Getting the right collaboration tool for your business is essential to efficiency. On top of the IT services, WheelHouse IT also is a Gold Partners with Microsoft which allows us to provide you with your own Microsoft tenant and secure your Microsoft 365 environment. If you would like to contact one of  WheelHouse IT’s consultants today about transitioning to Microsoft 365, give us a call at (954) 678-5283. 

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