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IT Buzzwords to Know in 2021

Let’s face it— computer systems can be downright frightening. Most people are vaguely aware of their IT systems, but they know that they are critical to their everyday functions. That is why business owners’ ears perk up at the sound of any technology buzzwords. We’re going to list five common forms of tech jargon, so you know what the buzzword means, how it is used, and why you should not be afraid of them.  

Big Data 

Big Data is a term that typically refers to a vast amount of data that is almost impossible to analyze through traditional means. For example, when a website collects the data about which link customers are more likely to click on a page of 100 options, that is Big Data.  

Making use of Big Data can be rather difficult, but it’s still a buzzword that every company claims to be using even though they are not gleaning useful insights from their users.  

Machine Learning 

The topic of machine learning is somewhat related to AI in the sense that it refers to machines learning about new data without being told to do so. An example is when programs find different patterns to solve a spatial problem despite not having the programming to do so.  

Machine learning is often used by companies that are trying to understand their customers’ behavior. You might select to watch certain videos on a video site, and the program will recommend similar ones to you. That comes as a result of machine learning.  

5G Wireless 

Too much fearmongering has made people question 5G. Basically, it is the 5th generation of mobile networks around the world.  

The newest network is designed to help support a faster internet environment with lower latency and the ability to provide better connection for the “internet of things.” Smartphones in the near future will begin using 5G instead of 4G too.   

Digital Transformation 

A digital transformation in a company is the use of digital technology to aid in a specific facet of a business.  

For example, a business that works to vastly improve their online shopping experience for their customers has undergone a digital transformation. Like most technology buzzwords, this one sounds more involved than it is.  

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence often scares people because of the implications of creating something human-like in its learning capacity. The most basic definition of AI refers to software or machine intelligence. As you might imagine, part of AI is machine learning, but it goes much deeper than analyzing a situation and building connections.  

Presently, AI is nowhere near the stages where people need to worry about it automating their tasks or taking over their jobs. Instead, AI in the world of IT is used for data mining, facial recognition, and language understanding.  

Stop worrying about tech jargon and leave it up to use to cut through these terms and simplify them for you. With the assistance of WheelHouse IT, your team can focus more on doing their jobs without having to worry about extraneous tech buzz. Find out more about our IT services and how we can apply them to your needs by calling (877) 771-2384 today. 

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