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How to Use Google Calendar for Business

Google Calendar is a great free tool to keep up with both your work and personal responsibilities. It’s easy to use and can be synced across all your devices. Here are a few tips for being more efficient with Google Calendar.

Change Your Timezone

If you are working remotely with a company in another time zone, you can easily change the time zone in the settings. This way, you can easily stay on track of events and deadlines in other countries. You can add multiple time zones if needed. Alternatively, you can click on the Show World Clock option to display different time zones on your calendar.

Get Notifications

In the event notifications settings, you can choose which notifications to get about events, canceled events, event changes, and so on. Never miss an important meeting again.

Create an Event Quickly

You can add an event to Google Calendar without even opening it. Just search “add event” or “make an appointment” in your browser bar or on, and type in the day and time. Google will automatically give you the option of adding an event to your calendar. You can also use Google Assistant on your smartphone for this by using Google Voice commands.

Browse Interesting Calendars

In the Add Calendar option in your settings, you can click on Browse Calendars of Interest in order to add new event reminders to your calendar. You can choose calendars of different religions to be reminded of religious holidays. There are also all sorts of sports calendars if you are a fan of specific sports. You can show phases of the moon as well. Of course, you can simply add a co-worker’s or employer’s calendar as well to stay in touch with work responsibilities.

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