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Data Loss: A Business’ Biggest Faux Pas

Your business’ data is its lifeblood, which means that one of your internal priorities should be protecting it.

While we often discuss the importance of your cyber security to defend against data theft and similar issues, it is also essential to consider what would happen if the data loss was caused due to damage to the infrastructure it was stored on.

A firewall is helpful, but it won’t help much if your server is on fire.

Thankfully, we have Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions to help businesses protect their data and operational continuity. A BDR can help protect you from disasters and data loss of all kinds, whether you’re in the office or anywhere from Akron to Zimbabwe.

Look at it this way: would you ever go on a business trip without a spare set of clothes? Of course not—what if some shrimp cocktail dribbles onto your shirt during a mixer? Networking is less effective with a stain that reeks of horseradish and crustacean.

You can think of data loss as the shrimp cocktail stain on your business—albeit to a much larger degree—making you look really bad

Think about it! 

A company losing vast chunks of their essential data is a terrible look and guaranteed to repulse many clients and prospects. So, just as you bring a spare set of clothes to the business trip, you want to make sure you have the means to restore your data should something happen to it.

You want to be sure you have a backup in place.

A BDR enables businesses to protect their data with the confidence that it can always be recovered if the worst happens. The network-attached BDR backs up your data every quarter of an hour on hard drives to give you quick and easy access. 

Meanwhile, a copy is also stored offsite in a storage facility. As a result, if your hardware and the BDR device are compromised, this redundant data is left untouched and safe.

This sounds far better than manually saving files to the cloud, saving them to portable drives, or—worst of all—saving all your data to a tape backup, relying on moving parts and antiquated technology. That’s like bringing a clown suit as your emergency change of clothes. On the other hand, the BDR is a tailored and reliable ensemble waiting in the wings.

Don’t let an unlucky break create a gaffe-like data loss. 

Reach out to our team of IT professionals to learn more about how WheelHouse IT can help protect your data.

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