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Departments That Benefit from Using Microsoft Teams

Now more than ever, it’s critical for remote work teams to have an outlet that will allow them to easily communicate and collaborate with each other. They also need a platform that affords them the flexibility to work with each other through different modes of communication. This includes the ability to call, chat, share files, or video conference with one or more team members (or with someone outside their organization) at the same time. Microsoft Teams provides all the features.

With a Microsoft Teams communication software platform, they can do all this and so much more. Microsoft makes communication even easier by allowing departments to tailor their individual experiences through the introduction of feeds, bots, and other integration tools.

Support for Sales Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it easy for organizations to support their sales teams. With Teams as a hub, sales professionals throughout an organization can easily collaborate with, report on, and share their knowledge with each other — whether they’re at home, in the office, or on-the-go. With Microsoft Teams, managers have a wide range of tools available to help them manage long term programs and projects, as well as assisting their staff in meeting sales objectives.

Just a few examples include: stakeholders can quickly build proposals together, schedule recurring team meetings, upload and share proposal templates, sales guides and playbooks, and create RSS feeds for customer updates. Sales teams can also create and customize channels for sales readiness, best practices, planning and proposals, and more.

Human Resources

With a distributed workforce, whether it’s located throughout a city, a state, or even across the globe, more and more human resource departments are tasked with finding effective tools that will enable them to maintain a strong connection with corporate employees. Microsoft Teams allows just that by providing human resource personnel with the tools necessary to create specific channels for recruitment, onboarding, training, reviews, and staff events.

An HR hub within an organization can also provide a centralized location for employees when they need information about company policies, training opportunities, HR portals, employee feedback, and more.

The Finance Department

Anyone reading the headlines about the Zoom-bombing attacks recently experienced by numerous individuals using the Zoom video conferencing app, understands that it is vitally important for organizations to ensure their collaboration platform is completely secure. Few departments understand that better than a company’s finance department.

As always, members of a finance department require tools that allow them to work with sensitive data in a safe and secure manner. Microsoft Teams allows them to do this through secure channels — where they can safely work with audit preparation, finance reviews, and other confidential information. With secure channels, finance staff members can work together through meetings, file and data sharing, and conversations without compromising the integrity of corporate information. By working within safe and secure channels, finance staff members can also meet any mandatory governance and/or compliance regulations regarding confidential data.

The Marketing Team

Last but not least, Microsoft Teams can help marketing staff continue to work together to develop agile marketing strategies for today’s economically challenging environment. With the recent explosion in remote work and a drastic increase in personal online traffic, many marketing strategies have become laser-focused on digital outlets.

As marketers develop new digital strategies to take advantage of this abrupt shift, they need tools that will help them connect with individuals both within their own organization, and outside parties such as branding and content agencies, third-party developers, and especially advertising platforms across social media channels and search engines.

Marketers need tools to help facilitate communication and collaboration in a multitude of ways, whether it’s through a secure file share, a phone call, an online chat, or setting up an audio or video conference with a mix of both internal staff and external partners. Marketers have tools within Teams that allow them to do all these things, as well as bots and unique channels to aid in public relations, advertising, event planning, and other new initiatives.

For example, marketing managers can use a bot to set up a meeting based on attendee availability and/or provide meeting location information such as a specific meeting room or a restaurant for a lunch meeting. A bot can also pull relevant information about attendee backgrounds from social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Hubspot, and more.  Bots can also handle the details of sending both meeting reminders and daily recaps of upcoming meetings.

Marketing staff can also build custom channels to connect with social channels such as YouTube and Twitter, or they can build a channel to create and store design files, briefs, and/or press releases related to a specific marketing campaign.

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Microsoft Teams offers so many more useful features beyond a simple chat and video conference app. Even more importantly, it offers these tools on a safe and secure platform, built on Microsoft’s enterprise cloud with prohibitive compliance policies as its guideline. If you’d like to know more about customizing Microsoft Teams to work with all the various departments within your organization, please contact us.

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