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Why Your Business Bandwidth Matters

You know the cliché “time is money”. Well your business relies on the speed of the internet to make business happen. And any business that utilizes the internet can have its capabilities throttled by a lack of network bandwidth. In other words, just about every business must consider their network’s capabilities, or they could see fewer customers and have frustrated workers. Having the proper bandwidth available for your business is crucial to maintaining operations and growing 

What is Network Bandwidth? 

The standard definition of network bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer across a network. A business with high bandwidth can transfer or receive a larger amount of data at a time compared to a business with low bandwidth. Network bandwidth is related to your internet speed, but they are not the same thing.  

Think of it this way: Network bandwidth is the diameter of a water pipe while your internet speed is how quickly that water is pushing through the pipe; it’s all about the potential rate of data transfer! 

How is Network Bandwidth Measured? 

Network bandwidth is measured in bits per second (bps), megabits per second (Mbps), or gigabits per second (Gbps), with each a larger measure than the one before.

Increased Bandwidth Means Better Productivity 

When you have a web service active in your business, your web speed could be great, but your bandwidth could be lower than it should be. To use the water analogy again, the water could be coming out of the pipe very quickly, but the diameter of the pipe is very small.  

When you have a finite amount of bandwidth that is being utilized by several active devices in the office, that flow of speed could be reduced to a trickle. If you have ten computers, 5 tablets, and everyone’s mobile devices connected to a small office’s basic internet package, then your internet speed is going to be incredibly low.  

Your business might have great speed but low bandwidth, so increasing bandwidth will allow your workers to do more online with fewer disruptions and slowdowns.   

WiFi Can Gather Valuable Customer Data 

Implementing a new WiFi system in your business setting is an important step toward increasing productivity, and it also gives you access to customer data. When a customer logs into your WiFi portal, they will need to sign into your system. You can gain information such as their email address at minimum, and you could even ask for other information such as their name.  

You’re providing visitors with a valuable service, and the information you gain can be used to reach out to customers with offers, information, and other ways to ensure they become return customers.  Best of all, you will see increased network bandwidth. 

Better Bandwidth Improves Website Functionality 

Customers spend mere seconds on a business’s website before determining whether they should leave. Page loading speed and the associated functionality gained from having high bandwidth are huge factors in that decision. Better bandwidth will keep your website operating at top speed despite many users while also optimizing page load speed. Together, these factors will make visiting your website quick and easy for your customers and workers. 

Optimizing your business’s bandwidth is not something that you need to do all on your own. A good Managed Service Provider will optimize your network bandwidth and help ensure your business’s success in the long run. Check out our Managed Services 101 eBook to learn more about everything a good MSP can do and how to hire the right one.



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