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VoIP Benefits for Small Businesses

Reducing the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol solutions to “It’s cheaper than the other way!” is easy. However, there are many more VoIP benefits that a small business could find quite advantageous.

Today, we’ll go over a few of these other benefits. However, as we do, remember that the “cheaper” part still applies.

VoIP Allows You to Do More

While a VoIP system is, at its core, an alternative to the traditional phone solution, most VoIP options can provide you with far more capability than a traditional phone system. For instance, many VoIP options provide capabilities like instant messaging, conferencing, and call recording.

VoIP is More Secure

When comparing the two options, VoIP is far more secure than the traditional landline. This is because, rather than the analog approach that telephony has historically taken, the digital data that VoIP sends can use encryption. This protects all information transmitted through the system.

VoIP is More Portable

Instead of being tied to a set location, as the traditional business telephone system would be, VoIP can be accessed from anywhere the Internet can be. Moreover, many VoIP solutions have an associated mobile app. It plays nice with smartphones – allowing employees to use their mobile devices to communicate with business contacts. All without disclosing their personal numbers.

VoIP Offers Automated Client Interaction

While communicating with your clients and assorted contacts is important, it is just as important that your employees aren’t constantly distracted by their work by fielding phone calls if they can help. VoIP solutions can be configured to support a variety of options. These options include an automated menu to give a caller more information at any hour and a directory to help them reach their desired contact. They even have the option to forward calls to an employee’s mobile device. Thus, truly urgent calls can be answered at any time.

This is just a brief sample of how VoIP provides businesses with operational (and, yes, financial) benefits.

To learn more or to ask any other business IT-related questions, reach out to the WheelHouse IT team at (877) 771-2384.

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