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Use Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams Meetings

Understanding the power of the collaboration tools at your disposal is key to engaging your team no matter where you are. At WheelHouse IT we love to write on the walls in our office. Mind you, just about every office wall has a whiteboard painted on it. So with our affection for visuals how do we turn that into a digital experience?

Microsoft has integrated Microsoft Whiteboard (which is free to you) into Microsoft Teams (which you probably already have).


what is microsoft Whiteboard?

Easily collaborate with other or access your boards from any device

You can access Microsoft Whiteboard directly online or via the Teams App. You can access Whiteboard on all of your organizations devices including PCs, tablets and phones running Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Whiteboard for the web provides the ability to collaborate in real-time with others as well as access existing boards.

Run effective Teams meetings with Whiteboard

But right inside of Teams you can add Whiteboard to any Teams meeting by clicking on Whiteboard under the Share option. The whiteboard will be shared with all meeting participant and available for them to start to collaborate without leaving the Teams meeting. A Whiteboard tab will be generated to make easy access to the content after the meeting has ended.

Leveraging Ink Grab

Say you already have something scribbled on a physical whiteboard – Ink Grab enables you to take a photo of that whiteboard and convert the notes into digital ink on the Whiteboard App. You won’t have to recreate your board from scratch and all the information is captured.

Ink Beautification

So you have bad handwriting? There is nothing to worry about here! Ink beautification increases the readability of quickly jotted noted in the Whiteboard App, which analyzes handwriting and automatically replaces it with more legible strokes.

Wrap all of these features together to bring a well crafted collaboration tool set for you and your team to use for more meaningful meetings!

If you have a touchscreen display in your conference room click here to learn how to turn that display into a collaboration tool within Microsoft Teams while leveraging the Whiteboard App.

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By: Itai Almong, Microsoft

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