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Microsoft has officially released the new Yammer– a completely modern interface that delivers an engaging and easy-to-use experience for the mobile and web.

Building over 10-years of customer success and feedback, Microsoft rebuilt Yammer with dozens of new capabilities that power leadership engagement, company-wide communication, communities, and knowledge sharing in Microsoft 365. Microsoft also announced new integrations specific to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint and enhanced security and compliance.

A Smarter Feed

A new, personalized discovery feed powered by AI connects you with conversations from across the organization and prioritizes the conversations that are most relevant to you.

Microsoft overhauled conversation styling and added colorful framing and iconography that distinguishes questions and best answers. New treatments for praise and polls also show beautifully in the feed whether you’re on a mobile app or in the browser. The Feed is powered by machine learning and designed to help you keep a finger on the pulse of the company and discover trending conversations.


All Company Improvements

Customize the All Company feed to bring your organization’s unique branding and culture into the default Yammer community.

One of the top UserVoice requests, new All Company capabilities like cover photos and read-only conversations mean you can use this prominent community to land key messaging, welcome new members, promote company-wide initiatives, or even just reinforce company values in the only community that all Yammer users belong to.

New Community experiences

Community is the driving force of Yammer, and to better reflect the purpose and role of Yammer within Microsoft 365, Microsoft has renamed Yammer groups to communities and adding many new improvements and experiences, including the ability to favorite a community – pinning it to the navigation. A new filter helps you sort answered/unanswered questions to help you find what you’re looking for and ensure questions get a response.


Add a cover photo

New community branding gives you the power to style your community your way. Upload a cover photo to show off your community’s identity, share a campaign, or publicize a community event. The possibilities are endless.


A Powerful Publisher

Microsoft has expanded the use of announcements so you can have the same reach with polls, questions, or praise.  Bring extra visibility to your message by setting them as announcements – sending a notification to all community members. A new text editor on mobile makes it easier to preview how your message will appear once its posted, helping you share with confidence.

Microsoft has also made improvements for gifs, videos, link previews, and file attachments to make sharing beautiful content simple, including a seamless uploading experience for mobile that uploading files and videos in the background – helpful for those times when bandwidth or WiFi makes sharing large files challenging.

Pin Conversations

Community managers (admins) can now pin a conversation to the top of the feed. Help orient users by pinning a welcome message, sharing best practices, or extend the longevity of announcements by pinning polls, praise, and questions.

Manage Conversations

Along with pinning, community managers now have the ability to close conversations. Use this to share messages as read-only, steer feedback to an alternative location, or prevent further responses to discussions.


New Event Experiences

Don’t miss the moments that bring the community together. Recently added, is a new event discovery page to each community so members can stay informed about what’s happening, post questions, and watch events.

Also added are helpful on-screen tips to highlight events that are currently in progress and created an event landing page that defaults to question and answer for richer engagements and easy event moderation.

Suite-wide coherence

Lastly, Microsoft also introduced some changes that will help bring consistency across Yammer and Microsoft 365, including a unified user profile and people card pulled from Office 365 and the ability to set a customized navigation header. The search bar and notification bell have also been moved into the navigation bar to reflect a universal experience.


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