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The IT Ecosystem: Where People are the Only Single-Fixed Entity

When we gaze across the IT landscape, we see that people seem to be the only single-fixed entity. Pulling away from the break-fix IT model, managed services are in demand. IT companies need to be capable of facilitating changes and allow for managed disruptions while maintaining staff that is not only effective, but engaged, productive, and forward-thinking. The current IT ecosystem utilizes vocabulary like flexible, adaptive, and preventative and defines them in their abilities to serve their customers as well as protect them.

Our IT Ecosystem Services and Awards

At Wheelhouse IT, we believe in the importance of understanding your business, not just your technology. Our managed and co-managed IT managed services teams can implement the right security or disaster recovery techniques for businesses that are small to mid-sized, non-profits, and educational organizations. With over 15 years of knowledge and experience, we find it important for us to partner with our clients, going beyond just offering IT support, but also helping them to reach their goals with the latest software and technology.

We are a premier Microsoft Office 365 provider as well as an award winner. Our awards include:

  • Microsoft Gold Platform Partner in 2016
  • Microsoft South East SMB Partner in 2017

With Office 365, you are provided with all the familiar Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. As well as a dynamic set of secure cloud-connected tools that will help your business to reach your goals of communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Our Help Desk

From the moment you first call Wheelhouse IT, you will see the difference in how we do customer service. Our live help desk never sleeps. From a debilitating problem to a nagging issue, Wheelhouse strives for their team to have a 50% first-call resolution. Additionally, a 15-minute average response, and one hour average resolution time.

All help desk employees have an average pick-up time of 2 minutes, are full-time, and reside in the United States. Although we have a large, live help desk, you are not calling into a call center overflowing with cubicles with disconnected employees at the other end of the phone. We utilize “help desk squads” made up of 3 to 4 people. Additionally, a squad manager that will be assigned to your account and issue.

At Wheelhouse IT we innovate with purpose and a passion to make sure your business is covered and can operate smoothly on a daily basis. With our managed services and solutions, we provide support and security while modernizing your workforce. Contact us today and let one of our technical advisers help you. The IT Ecosystem: Where People are the Only Single-Fixed Entity

The IT Ecosystem: Where People are the Only Single-Fixed Entity


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