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The Importance of Physical Security

Business owners can face threats from anywhere, and with technology advancing protecting your business has never been more critical. Learning how to protect your business’s network and data infrastructure tends to revolve around protections against cybersecurity threats, but you should never overlook physical threats. Breaches can cause damage to your business’s reputation and cause significant financial losses. Using the right security measures can make a major difference in protecting your assets. Here’s what you can do to implement physical security measures to keep your business’s network and data safe.

What is Physical Security?

Physical security is measures put in place to protect your business’s personnel, property, and hardware from unauthorized access or from physical actions that could cause damage or serious loss. Physical security prevents security breaches and threats to your physical office environment. Many measures can be put in place to protect your business, such as security guards, surveillance cameras, padlocked or keyed entry tools to protect access, and more. Physical security should be considered a primary protection measure of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

Creating an Effective Physical Security Strategy

Three major components should are considered essential for an effective physical security strategy. Many modern businesses use access control, surveillance, and testing to protect physical assets and personnel from harm. 

Access Control

Access control allows you to control the access to areas within your business’s physical environment and restrict access to only those with authorization to enter. These access controls can be simple locks and keys, gated and guarded access, or controlled access through a keycard system only to allow access to specific personnel. Comprehensive controls will include advanced lock methods, biometrics, and alert systems to notify of attempted unauthorized access.


Surveillance is an effective method of physical security that uses technology to ensure any important access points are monitored to prevent unauthorized entry. Surveillance technology has evolved over the years from simple camera systems to heat sensors, motion detection, advanced warning or notification systems, and more. Advanced notification systems allow you to identify incidents, respond appropriately, and minimize damage quickly.

Security Testing

With physical security, you need to be able to act fast and to ensure your security measures are effective, and your security measures need to be regularly tested. Tests can help you find flaws or weak points concerning access to your critical business resources and anything that may affect your daily operations and allow you to correct them before disaster strikes.

WheelHouse IT can help you to protect and secure your company’s digital and physical assets. We have the technology and tools that drive a successful physical security strategy that considers all aspects of your business. To learn more, contact us at 954.474.2204.

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