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SharePoint: Key For Remote Communication & Collaboration

SharePoint is without a doubt among the best intranets currently being utilized by businesses. It creates the perfect virtual workspace and reduces the dependency on your IT department, since it’s so user-friendly. Success is guaranteed with the use of SharePoint, specifically when your team works remotely.

Each of SharePoint’s amazing features are key for efficiency regarding remote work, all working together as gears of a well-oiled train, leading you to a top-notch output. Remote teams and business owners are bounds to enjoy all the advantages of SharePoint’s inclusion in business.

What are The Advantages?

It’s difficult to pin-point just one great advantage of using SharePoint, especially as a remote team, since there are so many. So, here are ten:

Exclusivity with access

Team-only access is a primary benefit/feature of using SharePoint. The exclusivity is a key safety and privacy aspect that SharePoint prioritized including. As the creator of anything on SharePoint, you are granted the ability to control who is given access to what you created and for how long. You can restrict how much of what you created is accessed as well, giving you full control as the automatically appointed admin. You can additionally decide and control how long what you created exists. This feature is fully adjustable and controlling it is as user-friendly as a whistle.

Collaboration Station

Working as a team or as part of a group, your colleagues may want or need to make additions or contributions to your work and, should they be granted access to do so, they can. Edits can be made by fellow remote workers through SharePoint’s collaborative allowances.

All users are able to make the additions and changes simultaneously without any interference occurring and creating issues. With SharePoint, working together is as smooth as a wet bar of soap.

Keeping on the same page

SharePoint allows the option of creating a task list accessible by the entire team so that progress can be tracked and everyone is aware of where their team members stand regarding work. This keeps everyone on target and on the same page, further stimulating efficiency.

All other communication channels available on SharePoint are secure and open, allowing those working together to discuss whatever necessary. This prevents misunderstandings, confusion and any possible delays in work or communication.


Sharing files, documents or updates is simple and quick with SharePoint. These can be done through the use of any computer system or smart device and at any time. This increases general accessibility and availability. Of course, these documents come with the ability to grant or withhold access from certain individuals. This prevents over-exposition and privacy issues, keeping sharing to necessity and priority.


Every document edit, correction or addition is immediately saved with automated saving features on SharePoint to ensure no progress is lost. All information is saved internally and to the cloud, depending on your preferences and settings. The updates are also made to every device you have and your team members have SharePoint on to avoid inconsistency in information.


Sometimes what you miss from working in an office setting is the social aspect of it all. The activities and conversations that take place in the office can still happen when you work remotely, thanks to SharePoint’s internal social networking feature.

You can exchange messages, images, sound clips and videos. These can be done privately, in groups or on the news feed. This helps everyone get properly acquainted which ultimately makes work better.


After the creation of an instance, that SharePoint instance become the central hub for work. Having everything in one place makes for an efficient system with no room for faux pas. Issues like miscommunication, missing documentation and scattered projects are eliminated. This access is still true even in travelling situations thanks to the existence of SharePoint’s mobile app.

Fewer meetings

Since communicating with others has been made easy by SharePoint, there is less need for constant group briefings, i.e. meetings. This is a time-saver that breeds a culture of efficiency and necessity instead on relying on tradition that ultimately hinders progress.


SharePoint has a variety of efficiency features in its productivity suite. Teams are able to share their notebook, calendars and planners to create a synchronized workspace and further catalyzing efficiency. These features can be shared across various personal devices as well as across devices owns many different people. This way, collaboration is made easy and is elevated.

Task Set-up

After establishing a goal, your team will then divide and conquer to complete said goal. Different members will have different tasks but all tasks are linked to achieve one goal and therefore you would all need to keep up-to-date with each other and each other’s progress. This status can be shared through SharePoint’s task set-up feature. Tasks will be clearly listed and described, with the according team members visible.

Each task can be ticked off so that the rest of the team is made aware. The transparency of everyone’s separate duties helps things get done better and faster. There is even a feature that prevents certain tasks from being started until another one is complete, creating structure to task-completion.

Collaboration is always a key aspect of getting things done at work. Team work makes the dream work, as they say. All SharePoint tries to do is make that process as efficient as possible. Communication and collaboration has never been easier than it is with SharePoint’s many beneficial features, from networking abilities to simultaneous edits. It’s user-friendly and business-elevating.

SharePoint is that golden key for businesses, especially those with remote workers and teams. Contact us to find out more.

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