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Microsoft Teams: Secure and Compliant

Since the beginning of March, most healthcare organizations have adopted Microsoft Teams at some level in order to support clinical collaboration and work from home scenarios.  In an effort to support Microsoft Teams users during this time, below you will find helpful resources from Microsoft surrounding security and compliance within Microsoft Teams. 


Overview Resources

Microsoft’s commitment to privacy and security in Microsoft Teams

Security and compliance in Microsoft Teams

For IT professionals: Privacy and security in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Security Resources

Microsoft Teams Compliance Resources

WheelHouse IT is proficient in ensuring that your Teams tenant is secure and compliant for your needs.

Should you have a specific need reach out to our team and we are here to help!

 By: Microsoft Docs

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How To Send HIPAA Compliant Email

How To Send HIPAA Compliant Email The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) set the standard for

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