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Microsoft Teams Makes Managing Telecommuting Employees Easy

You’re probably working from home, but if you’re not, you could be! With telecommuting at an all time high, companies can now ensure the management of remote teams and provide them support.

Virtual employees have varied needs, and an organization must to be able to support them daily to achieve effective communication, completion of tasks, and most importantly, trust. Today’s cloud technologies not only offer a wide array of tools that help cultivate relationships, but also leadership tools that can help to build lasting respect and trust.

Created to empower leaders who manage remote employees, Microsoft Teams is a feature- rich toolkit made for the modern mobile workforce.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Your Entire Team, Onsite and Remote, All in One Place

Collaborative vision is no longer a goal on the whiteboard. With Teams you can now have your entire office, onsite and remote, on one team when using this cloud enabled suite of applications. Microsoft Teams not only orchestrates but also optimizes the features of the applications that you are using and relying on everyday.

So what can Teams do for you exactly? Read more below to learn about Microsoft Teams capabilities.

  • Have complete inclusion with communication through audio, video, and chat.
  • Never miss an email with email integration.
  • Support for emojis and memes.
  • Integrate features of Office suite-unifying teams, content, and tools.
  • Create a hub for teamwork that will meet compliance and advanced security requirements.

Business Benefits

Let’s look at four effective tools that benefits a business when using Microsoft Teams.

Shared Virtual Task Lists

Your team, or selected members of it, can view lists of all your tasks and their statuses. Also, some of the apps featuring virtual task lists give you the option to attach a file/files to tasks, share notes, and work together without having to use a separate app.

Shared Workspaces

Offering one central location, a shared workspace creates a virtual environment where everyone in a group can work together in real time. This allows everyone to see what the others have done as the project or file is being worked on, improving and simplifying the creative process.

Video Calling

Video calling allows a team to see each other, and ultimately experience the mood and feel of what is being discussed. This helps conversations go smoother when sharing ideas or working through tough decisions.

Chat/Instant Message

Experience the same level of excitement and spontaneity as if you would in person with chat/instant message. This feature makes running ideas by coworkers easier, but also improves communication and morale.

Teams offers business leaders and managers the ability to improve business function and efficiency from the moment it is set up. From streamlining scheduling and projects to customization of each team’s collaborative work space, productivity is instantly magnified. Just the ability to integrate with other Office 365 apps such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Skype for Business, helps those feel more comfortable and confident in using this technology.

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Teams, contact us to set up a demo!



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