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How Technology Has Revolutionized The Modern Workplace

Gone are the days of manually laboring over piles upon piles of paperwork, attending compulsory events that came with travel expenses, and all the other time-wasting shenanigans. That is all thanks to the inclusion of technology in the workplace.

Communication, completing tasks and productivity in general was difficult and took forever, but not with all the technological advances that have graced the modern world. Everything has been simplified and adjusted to maximize success and minimize effort.


How people communicate in the workplace has been forever changed by technology. With the use of smart devices, various social networks and digital chatting features, methods of communication have been elevated, to say the least. That includes communication between colleagues, management and employees.

Everyone is connected by the tap of a screen or press of a key. Communication is immediate and multifaceted. You can exchange images, documents, texts and sound files. You can connect via video conferences, phone-calls, emails and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. Distance is no longer an issue and neither is time. Why risk a pigeon getting lost when Facebook Messenger is instantaneous.


Project management has been simplified by systems and software that take care of every aspect of overseeing task creation and completion. Those in management positions can now supervise the workplace through the most efficient methods and from the comfort of their desks. Technology has established a system of running well oiled trains rather than having businesses marinade in chaos. From a screen, you can analyze who was given what task and how they completed as well as whether they completed it. There is unarguable accountability and undeniable efficiency. Inconsistencies that hinder business are immediately flagged for review and can be dealt with before any productivity damage is caused.


Most people today don’t even realize how much time is saved by not having to do all the little tasks that technology now handles for us. Things like tracking important dates and events, which our digital calendars now do and notify us of, catching up team members on where you are, concerning your assigned tasks which can be seen on shared progress trackers and general information sharing and processing which can be done in seconds on a computer. That’s not to mention the increased precision tasks are completed with due to technology’s many aids. Productivity now has nowhere to go but up.

Cost Management

An array of menial tasks once required extended hours and more employees. These, of course, kept costs quite high for business. Thanks to technology, however, these menial chores are tended to by software and digital systems which save time and money. Anything that is better off automated can now be automated. Why worry about filing things alphabetically when a piece of software can do it for you in a matter of seconds. Tackle something else instead. So when someone argues that technology in the workplace is an unnecessary cost, remind them that sometimes you can save by spending.


Privacy and security is naturally a major concern to all businesses. Technology takes care of this is various ways. With data-encryption of all used software and hardware, only those authorized to do so will have access to anything pertaining to the business. There are also more physical security measures in place with technology.

These include biometric scanning systems such as thumbprint scanners or facial recognition technology. That, added to the use of firewalls and intelligent algorithms, technology has served up a potent cocktail of utmost safety. Surveillance technology also reduces the risk of leaks and theft since employees are discouraged from partaking in such activities when knowing they’re being watched at all times. This massively reduces internal issues.


Despite all businesses having the same ultimate goal of profit, each business does still operate differently. That means that cookie-cutter solutions just don’t cut it. Technology understands and caters for this, by allowing completely customizable software for different workplaces to use what suits them best. Because you want to know it’s going to fit like a glove.


Being able to connect with others easily and immediately makes working together ten times easier. Collaboration on tasks and assignments can be done simultaneously and despite distance. There is an aspect of flexibility awarded to business through technology, which gives room for working with others despite other arrangements and appointments. Everyone can now keep updated and included no matter where they are which reduces any communication faux pas.


Before technology, working from home was but a fantasy, an unreachable dream. Not anymore. Technology provides telecommunication, video conferencing, instant relaying of information in an abundance of ways – email, texts, calls, the list goes on. Everything is saved and shareable via the cloud and team work is still possible thanks to software created specifically for collaboration for remote teams.

Instantaneous connection and perpetual portability has brought the workspace to every breakfast nook, sofa and home office that has needed it. Productivity and success doesn’t have to go away just because you’d rather be in pajamas than a suit. Technology takes care of that.

Technology’s impact in the workplace is undeniable. The idea of a traditional workplace has changed forever. Technology has redefined it to whatever you choose it to be. Productivity goes up while you sit down, and the efficiency is incredible. You can take care of security, profitability and everything in between with the click of a mouse. It doesn’t get much better than that… yet. That tech is probably still being created. Just like your business, technology is always moving forward and taking us with it.

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