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How Safe Is Zoom Video Conferencing for Your Business?

The current pandemic is requiring individuals of all walks of life to remain at home as one of the ways of “flattening the curve.” But what about business operators who have to ensure that their operations are still running regardless of the situation at hand?

One of the solutions that individuals are embracing at present is the video conferencing app, namely Zoom. Today people are using Zoom for social activities and work as well. But Zoom has a history of security flaws, including an attacker hijacking shared screens, removing attendees from meetings, and spoofing messages too. There is also the case of Zoom’s chief executive apologizing for “falling short” on security issues and, in turn, promising to address the same.

Such details beg the question; how safe is Zoom for your business operations?

Is Zoom Safe?

The use of Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication between individuals in different locations goes far back before the advent of Zoom. The fact that more and more individuals are using Microsoft Teams even after this long is an indication that this option is reliable and also a worthwhile investment for entrepreneurs.

Almost all online applications and services are indeed susceptible to such vulnerabilities as phishing. So, whichever app you are using, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of securing the same if you want to minimize your exposure to cyber-attacks.

One of the differences between Zoom and Microsoft Teams is that the formers assume an open-access nature; thus, its popularity for those looking for ways of holding online meetings over this period. Do not forget that the open-access approach is prone to malicious attacks, which is not the case with Microsoft Teams since it does not assume this nature.

“Zoom-bombing”  is currently one of the challenges that most Zoom users are experiencing. Uninvited guests can now join Zoom conference calls for disruption purposes by using threats, sharing inappropriate images, and shouting abuse thanks to “Zoom-bombing.” Zoom is now encouraging users to consider the use of passwords for protection against “Zoom-bombing” and to focus on making their meetings private as well.

Although Zoom is working hard to patch previous security loopholes some of the concerns from experts regarding its attitude towards security include:

  • Though Zoom is way far from dominating the plethora of emerging security risks, some attackers are exploring the value they can extract from allegedly sharing Zoom data with Facebook, while others still find intercepting Zoom communications worthwhile.
  • Even after a history of security flaws, questions on whether Zoom upholds the necessity of users’ privacy and security remain unanswered.
  • Most persons are first-time users of the Zoom application and so keeping strangers out of their chats at the moment will remain a challenge. The reason is that many individuals lack an understanding of the safety settings available in the Zoom application

How to Secure Your Video Conferencing Meetings

Now that you know that by using an online application, you can become a victim of cyber crime, understanding how you can stay safe as well is critical. The reason is that holding video conferences at such a time as this is not an option if you are focusing on fostering the continuity of your business activities.

Here are some Microsoft Teams best practices that users deploy:

  • The use of PowerShell to manage Teams.
  • Creating different channels in Teams to manage conversations.
  • Leveraging chat bots to drive each day’s tasks and activities.
  • Allowing users to create new Teams while you maintain oversight and clean up after them.
  • Maximizing integrations using other software in your technology stack.
  • Auditing external sharing.
  • Making multi-factor authentication part of the requirements.
  • Preventing file downloads to unmanaged devices.
  • Enforcement of least privileged access across Teams and Office 365.
  • Classifying critical data and using Microsoft AIP as additional protection.

Zoom, on the other hand, recommends the following tips for secure use of its services.

Managing Those Responsible for Recording Meetings

You can record your meetings when using Zoom, which may be necessary for one reason or another, but you should beware of the privacy and security risks of doing so too. The call manager allows you to choose a participant to record the call using the participant management window. Once you access this feature, you only need to click “Allow Record,” and you are good to go.

The Use of Strong Passwords

Setting the password locking option for your meeting is possible on Zoom, and when you enable it, ensure you use a strong password.

Setting Screen Share to “Host-Only”

If you are the call manager on Zoom, you can set who can share their screen during the call. That can allow the host only to share their screen, which is a necessity when you want to control what others see when the meeting is in progress.

Using The Waiting Room Option

Zoom participants can connect through the “Waiting Room” that a call manager creates, and in that case, the latter needs to confirm those who will take part one by one or as a group.

Other Online Meeting Platforms to Consider

As more and more individuals get to know Zoom, they are opting to try it out for online business meetings. However, Zoom is not the only video conferencing option to consider. Microsoft Teams does an excellent job in the case of collaboration and online meetings, and that makes it a viable solution for your business.

One of the things you should do when using any online application is watching out for vulnerabilities that expose you to cyber-attacks. Zoom incorporates easy to use features and creating a meeting room on this platform is not a daunting task.

However, if you are considering a reliable online communication tool for your business at such a time as this, investing in such a platform as Microsoft Teams is a wise idea.

If you need more information on the safety of Zoom video conferencing for business, contact us today!

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