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How Microsoft’s Modern Office Provides Email Security for Your Business

Now that businesses across the country (and the globe) are working entirely from home, email is more pivotal to communication than ever. However, it also means there are increased security risks that your business and employees could face as a result of this increased online presence.

How can you guarantee that your email service will remain safe and functional so your business can keep working?

Business leaders like you want a simple and secure way to manage email for their company—and Microsoft’s Modern Office suite provides just that. Their Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Advanced Threat Detector services secure your email services and prevent all future attacks or safety breaches.

In this guide, we’re going to take you through those services’ most important features, how they benefit and protect your business, and how WheelHouse IT’s team of experts can help you get started.

Together, we can ensure your email security remains intact and strong.

What Are Modern Office’s Email Security Features?

Modern Office’s email security features (formally called Exchange Online Protection) provide protection across Microsoft’s global network of data centers. This layer of protection helps make messaging environment administration easy and secure.

Here are Exchange Online Protection’s main features for email security.

Constant Threat Elimination

With Modern Office’s email security measures, you will eliminate threats before they reach your corporate firewall. This defense is multi-layered, with real-time anti-spam and multi-engine anti-malware protection to ensure that nothing sneaks onto your servers.

Security Administration Made Simple

Exchange Online Protection also allows you to manage your security from a web-based interface called the Exchange Administration Center. This means you don’t have to use multiple programs or applications. You can see everything you need in one interface.

Content Filtering Capabilities

With active content, connection, and policy-based filters available, you can control what gets through and what doesn’t. This feature also allows compliance with any corporate policies and government regulations to which your business adheres.

Easy to Get Started

There is no hardware or software to install, manage, or maintain, meaning you don’t have to wait long to get your security up and running. It also minimizes your upfront investment, which is crucial right now for businesses looking to reduce or eliminate high spending.

Advanced IP Security Measures

Exchange Online Protection also protects your company’s IP integrity by utilizing separate outbound delivery pools for high-risk emails. This way, any potential malware or spam threats won’t find their way back to your IP address.

Fast and Accurate Reporting

With the capabilities for real-time reporting and message tracing, Exchange Online Protection can provide email environment insights by reviewing the status of any message that the service processes. This means you can see email security results fast.

Around-the-Clock Support

This email protection service offers IT-level phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—all at no additional cost. This way, you can deal with issues whenever they arise.

How Do These Email Security Features Benefit Your Business?

As businesses all around the world continue to work remotely, email remains the main method of communication for many companies. As such, you want to make sure that your communications and servers are as secure as possible.

Modern Office and Exchange Online Protection provide enterprise-class reliability and protection against spam and malware, all while ensuring you maintain access to email services during (and after) emergencies.

As we all navigate this online workspace, there are going to be issues, emergencies, and confusion with services like email. However, Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Advanced Threat Detector give you the tools and support your business needs to remain functional, productive, and secure.

How Can WheelHouse IT Help Your Business Implement Modern Office Email Security?

At WheelHouse IT, we want to see your business succeed in these uncertain times (and beyond). We have a dedicated and experienced team of managed IT professionals who can help you navigate this new, modern workplace and help you implement Microsoft Modern Office, Exchange Online Protection, and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for your business as you continue to work from home.

Work with a team that is knowledgeable and has experience with Modern Office by getting in touch with us today. Exchange Online Protection for email security is the most secure and reliable platform for effectively monitoring, protecting, and managing your business’s email services as you continue to work remotely—and WheelHouse IT has the experts to help you implement it effectively.

Let’s work together to make sure your business remains as effective, productive, and secure as possible.


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