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Get the Most From Your Meetings with Microsoft Teams

Organizations across the globe have turned to Microsoft Teams to communicate better through meetings, call and chat. We are taking the time to share our best practices and highlight communication features within this robust app that can transform how your business operates daily.

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Meetings have always been the foundation of teamwork. Meetings are proven to be so vital that its estimated 37 percent of employees time is spent in a meeting. This is a lot of time! So a question we ask, are you getting the most out of every meeting?

Often, people join a meeting unprepared because lets face it, it takes too much time to find and review pre-meeting materials. During the meeting, there is often a struggle to stay on track when there is no track. This is epically true for remote participants to remain fully engaged and feel included. Afterwards, its proven that the value of meetings further diminishes when important insights like action items and decisions fall through the cracks from one meeting to the next.

If you are going to get the most from a meeting, you need to change the way you think about a meeting. Today, a meeting typically is treated as a stand-alone event, and the phone and video conferencing tools many people used are designed to support that event.

Microsoft has performed extensive research and that research shows us two things: first, meetings are hardly discrete events, but a series of collaborative connections; secondly, great meetings are not only about what happens during the meeting but also what actions occur before and after.

Microsoft Teams was designed to embrace the findings of Microsoft’s research. Since Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork built into Office 365 and Microsoft 365, your Teams Meetings are held where your chats and files live, naturally bringing all of your data into your meetings.

Lets break this down

During a meeting

Once the meeting begins, people can use a variety of features that help focus attention, drive engagement, and foster inclusion. This includes high quality audio and video, live captions, real-time co-authoring with Office 365 apps, digital whiteboard, and distraction-free backgrounds. Teams also makes it easy to bring people in from outside of your organization, even if they don’t already have Office 365 licensing. They can use the Teams app or a web browser.

After the meeting

All the related assets discussed – including a recording of a meeting, chat, meeting notes, digital whiteboard, transcript, and share files are saved in a persistent conversation that helps your team continue the discussion and drive progress forward. Nothing should get lost in the cracks anymore.

Teams makes it easy to revive the recording of the meeting by allowing people to search for keywords and quickly jump to the point in the recording where a specific topic as discussed. You will never miss the meeting, even if you can’t be in the meeting!

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By: James Say, Microsoft

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