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Daily Awareness Tips To Secure Your Computer

Start with these 3 tips on securing your computer and head on back to WheelHouse IT for the rest!

Securing your computer and guarding against both internal and external computer risks is a necessity for efficiency in day-to-day operations. Companies are investing a lot to ensure that no loopholes that can affect the service delivery of their systems remain open. Some of the approaches they use include having an in-house IT department to monitor such systems regularly.

However, for those who outsource IT services from other providers deploying others ways of protecting their systems from threats is critical. Here are daily precautionary tips that can help you maintain healthy network infrastructure.

Day One: Tip – Exercise Caution When Opening Emails

Some of the password-protected ZIP files you receive may contain malware or malicious software. Usually, a virus scanner cannot scan the contents of these files automatically, which increases the risk exposure if you open affected email attachments. To protect your systems, ensure you only open attachments to emails coming from senders you trust.

Also, disregard any temptation to activate macros when the prompt appears after receiving emails of this nature. The reason is that the threat is sometimes on the macro and not the email itself.

Day Two: Tip – Delete All Sensitive Data

Most probably, you may need to replace your laptop, desktop, or mobile device after using them for some time. Before disposing of any of these, you need to clean off any sensitive data on them using an appropriate data deletion program. You also need to reformat removable media and hard drives to clean every remaining trace of your personal information.

Examples of programs that can help you wipe off such information include Wise Disk Cleaner and CCleaner. Do not forget to erase the details in the registry, which contains valuable information as well.

Day Three: Tip – Logoff Or Lock Your Computer Whenever You Are Away

Logging off or locking the computer while away from the computer even for a few minutes, is something that most users disregard. Failure to do so gives anyone an opportunity to access confidential or sensitive information from your computer. Sometimes, the duration is sufficient to copy a file. Never underestimate the importance of performing this simple activity.

If you need more information on daily awareness tips to secure your computer, contact us today!

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