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Best Practices to Enhance Your IT Security

It might be challenging to hear, or read, but every network has some level of security vulnerability. Some methods can be done to limit these vulnerabilities so that your company’s network stays secure. Continue reading to learn more about the best practices to protect your network and practical approaches to minimize the number of vulnerabilities attempting to infiltrate your infrastructure.

Maintain Your IT Security Protections

It seems unbelievable, but you would be surprised to know that many businesses do not prioritize their security infrastructure. Although it might sound obvious to make sure your company’s network is highly secure, many businesses find this difficult. You can have a big problem when your network infrastructure is missing critical patches and updates. Or worse, the processes to identify those patches are nonexistent. This issue can worsen if end users are not aware of or involved in the best cybersecurity practices to ensure that information is kept private and secure. 

Establish Security Standards for All Devices

Many people are unaware that hackers prefer “the path of least resistance.” In other words, they instead take the easier route that doesn’t require more work than needed. If you establish a security standard that all devices must follow, it will be much more difficult for cybercriminals to surpass every device’s security protocols. By having set controls for a desktop, mobile phone, and server computing devices, one can manage many devices at once to minimize the risk to the entire company. 

Patch Management

Patch management is the process of issuing and applying updates to the software to ensure best security practices are implemented. Patches are used to correct errors, commonly known as vulnerabilities or bugs. Areas that are more than likely to require patches are operating systems, various applications, and embedded systems. If a bug is found after an update is installed in the software, a patch can be used to fix it. This ensures that your assets are protected and unable to get hacked. 

Role-Based Access—and Time-Restricted Exceptions

Access controls to the company’s data and locations should be limited to those select few whose job responsibilities require that special access. These permissions should be used only when needed and for only a certain period of time. This way, access to data can be managed and controlled to protect the organization’s assets.

Various permissions should be granted to team members based on their role in the company. Allowing permissions based on role and restricting other access are good practices.

This is just the beginning. Learn more about what our company can do for YOU! 

Our team here at WheelHouse IT is composed of highly skilled professionals that can assist in maintaining your business operations and ensuring your network remains safe from cybercriminals. Contact us today at 954.474.2204 for more information or to learn more about our services and how we can better assist your company. 

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