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Be Prepared for Telephone Tuesday

If it seems like going back to work the Tuesday after Labor Day is always met with a bombardment of phone calls and a never ending line of folks on hold, it’s not just you.

Over the last handful of years, businesses have experienced the phenomenon regarded as Telephone Tuesday, when companies get a lot more inbound calls than on any other day of the year. This includes even Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So why the surge in calls immediately after one of the most relaxing long weekends of the year? According to Marchex, an advertising analytics company who first noticed the trend, it’s a mix of things. Summer ending, school beginning, and the holidays coming up all motivate people to finally cross things off their to-do lists.

Research has shown that in the last few years the number of inbound calls surges by between 30 and 50 percent on Telephone Tuesday. So it’s not just hard to get back to work after the long weekend unfortunately there’s a lot of hard work waiting for you.


1. If you’re a consumer

See Telephone Tuesday as a time get in gear for the final quarter of the year. Whether it’s unfinished checklists or preparation for the holidays, you can get a jump on the busy season by making it a plan to get started right after Labor Day.

2. If you’re a business

If you’re a business owner expecting a heavy call volume on Telephone Tuesday, WheelHouse IT has VoIP solutions that can handle the load. Get ready for a busy day. If you do it right, you could turn those calls into conversions that will set you up for a strong fourth quarter. Consider bringing in more staff for call centers and make sure all backend tech is working well to handle the influx of calls you’re sure to receive. You don’t want this boost in activity to go to waste.

Contact WheelHouse IT for VoIP telephone and collaboration solutions at (877) 771-2384 or visit our VoIP and Office 365 VoIP pages for more info.

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