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6 Tips for Speeding Up Your Slow Computer or Laptop

If you’ve had your PC for any significant length of time, chances are that it is much slower than it used to be. Over time, computers and laptops slow down. However, there definitely are ways to slow down the slowdown of your computer. Here are a few things you can do to speed up your computer.

Scan for Viruses

It’s possible that there is malware or adware that is slowing down your computer. Run an antivirus and an anti-malware scan to clean up your computer. Do a deep scan, not just a quick scan.

Clean It Out

Clean out the fan area of your computer. You’ll be surprised at how much dust there is in there. Dust stops the fan from working properly, which causes your computer to heat up, which slows it down. Use compressed air or a vacuum to clean out the dust.

Clean It Up

Besides cleaning your laptop physically, clean out any unnecessary programs, software, and temporary files that you don’t need or use. These all slow down your computer’s performance.

Do a Task Check

Launch the task manager and check which programs are running in the background. You’ll be surprised at how much CPU they are using up. Close down the programs you don’t want running. On Windows 8 PCs and up, you can also use the startup manager to stop programs from running automatically when you start your computer.

Speed Up Your Browser

Like your computer, your browser can get overloaded as well. Too many browser add-ons can slow it down. Disable and delete those you don’t use. Consider trying a different browser as well, such as Opera.

Expand Your Storage

If your storage is full, it can also slow down your computer. Expand your storage by getting an external hard drive that you can attach to your computer.

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