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Is Your Business Backed Up and Data Secure?

Fortunately, businesses are doing more to keep their data secure. It wasn’t always so, but with the current threat landscape the way it is, it is essential that business owners do what they can to protect their data. A critical part (but not the only part) of this is to back it up.

Today, we will take a look at data backup and explain how it has to be an essential part of your business’s cybersecurity strategy

What Is Keeping Your Data Secure Worth?

Whether you actively use it or it just sits here, your data is worth quite a bit to your company. After all, your data combines all the work your people have done. Including marketing information filled with PII, and sensitive information about your staff, prospects, and clients. What would happen if that data were to get stolen or lost?

Let me tell you what it would mean by telling you a story.

A nameless business rents out office space on the corner of two very busy streets. One day, shortly after everyone in the office had gone home for the day, a man driving a truck out of control jumped the curb and ran directly into the building. Thus, destroying the company’s entire server room.

The first thing you may think is, “Is he okay?”. Your second thought should be, “What does that have to do with their cyber security?”. Hold that thought.

In one scenario, the company has just onsite backups, and when a truck blasts through the building’s facade and into the server room. Those onsite backups are of no use against the force of a runaway truck. All the hardware in the server room is destroyed.

In another scenario, the company uses a BDR to back their data up, and the cloud. When the truck blasts through the server room, the hardware is destroyed. However, the data is still available, backed up in the cloud. This business survives while the other fails.

That right there is why the BDR is superior.

How BDR Fits Into Cyber Security Strategies

For some, the retention of data would be valuable enough out of a BDR. Still, for an organization concerned as much with the continuity of their business as they are on the security of their data, the BDR offers a way to secure critical data outside your organization’s network.

Cyber security strategies dictate that all data vital to the sustainability and continuity of your business be stored in multiple places. Specifically outside of your network. With its ability to push data to outside data centers, the BDR fulfills this requirement and helps promote data security.

Furthermore, because the backups are stored offsite and outside the network, it works as a fail-safe against critical situations like a ransomware attack.

If you would like to ensure that your data is secure and available in the case of a disaster, whether it be a runaway truck crash or ransomware, contact the IT consultants at WheelHouse IT to talk about getting your organization a BDR. Call us today at (877) 771-2384 for more.

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